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happy military family looking for extended stays near military bases

Extended Stay Hotels Near Military Bases

Family life for our military families can be one of constant moving and jet-setting, and we know that finding temporary housing can sometimes be chaotic. InTown Suites is proud and thankful for those that serve our country and we want to make finding a place to call home (even just for a short time) comfortable […] Read More
Team at medical center

Extended Stay Hotels Near Medical Centers

For those in the traveling medical field (traveling nurses) or patients needing care away from home, having a comfortable place to live while away is a necessity. Extended stay hotels near medical centers are the best option when it comes to looking for temporary housing. Let InTown Suites be your home away from home while […] Read More
hotels near college football stadiums like this one

Hotels Near College Football Stadiums

We are heading into fall which only means one thing for sports fans, football season! College football has become just as competitive, if not even more so, and the fans go crazy to cheer for their alma mater. If you’re thinking about attending a game or two you may be looking for hotels near your […] Read More
free things to do in louisville ky: big four bridge

Free Things To Do in Louisville KY

When most think of Louisville, Kentucky, the well-known Kentucky Derby is probably what comes to mind. But, did you know that there are SO many other exciting attractions that make your trip worth it… and they are free or cheap to do! We’ve put a list together of our favorite free things to do in […] Read More
houston skyline and free things to do in houston

Free Things To Do in Houston

Houston is an exciting city to visit with a culture like no other! There is definitely no shortage of things to do, see and explore while you’re in town. If you’re on a budget, even better! There are endless things to do that are free for not only the locals but for visitors too! We’ve […] Read More
Temporary Housing Needed After Firefighters put out Fire

Temporary Housing After A Fire

Life after a fire can be heartbreaking and overwhelming, especially when having to find temporary housing. Some homes are able to be salvaged and some may have to be evacuated completely after a disaster occurs. Both situations lead to searching for a temporary place to live that is comfortable and affordable. Here you will find […] Read More
Things to do in Denver in the Summer

Things To Do in Denver in the Summer

Most think that Denver, CO is just a place to head to when it’s time to ski and snowboard in the winter months, but it’s actually a great vacation destination during the summer. Beautiful throughout the summer months, Denver’s average temperatures range from the upper 80s during the peak of the day and mid to […] Read More
Things to do in Dallas, TX

Things To Do In Dallas

Dallas, TX  is one of those places that has just about everything for every type of vacationer traveling to the west. From farmland to city life there are so many fun things to do, see and explore while in Dallas. We’ve put together our list of favorites and must-sees while you’re in town. Bishop Arts […] Read More
florida hurricane evacuation sign

Florida Hurricane Evacuation & Preparation

Hurricane season begins in June and lasts through November, and though some years we never see much action along the east coast it’s always a good idea to be prepared. The most important preparation for hurricane season in Florida is knowing your evacuation zone. Storm surge during a hurricane is dangerous; having the ability to […] Read More
Kids exploring phoenix AZ

Cheap Weekly Rates Hotels in Phoenix

If you’re planning a week-long or long-weekend trip to Phoenix, AZ you may want to consider a cheap weekly rate hotel in the area. Weekly rate hotels, like InTown Suites Phoenix, are oftentimes more affordable than standard hotels in the Phoenix downtown area and offer home-like amenities. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, you […] Read More