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Atlanta in Pop Culture

Atlanta, Georgia has been the scene for many works of popular culture over the years. From literature, to film, to television. Take a look at some of the works where Atlanta has played a role, both the past and the present.

Historic Atlanta
While it’s not the modern Atlanta we know all know and love today, some of our favorite books and films are set in the Atlanta of the past.

Gone with the Wind
While most people think of the Tara Plantation as the setting of Gone With the Wind, much of the story takes place in Atlanta, before, during, and after the Civil War. The author of the original novel is from Atlanta and wanted to write about the state’s place in the Civil War.

Driving Miss Daisy
This beloved movie (adapted from a play) was filmed in the late 1980’s, but takes place in the 1950’s. Morgan Freeman stars as Hoke, a black gentleman who drives the white, Jewish, Miss Daisy all over Atlanta. The film documents their initial icy meetings and over the course of twenty years, the growth of their friendship.

Atlanta in the 80’s
Fans watched the incredible attorney Matlock defend criminals in the Atlanta courts over nine seasons, from 1986-1992. While much of the drama took place in the court rooms, viewers often got to glimpse Matlock out and about in Atlanta, including enjoying his beloved hotdogs.

Designing Women
The television show Designing Women really showed off the excess that was the 80’s, during the seven years the program ran. The show revolved around a group of interior designers (mostly women) in Atlanta, Georgia. Fun fact – while the show was set in Atlanta, the exterior of the firm was actually from the Governor’s Mansion in Little Rock Arkansas.

Atlanta’s Medical Center
Atlanta is the world headquarters for the Center for Disease Control, also known as the CDC. Because of this, Atlanta is featured in disaster movies, like Outbreak, the 1995 movie starring Dustin Hoffman that features an Ebola like virus outbreak. The Steven Soderbergh film Contagion featured virologists trying to find a way to stop the spread of a mysterious, contagious and highly deadly disease. Much of the early days of The Walking Dead is set in Atlanta as there are rumors that the CDC has established a zombie-free safe zone. When the characters arrive at the CDC, things don’t go exactly as planned.

Real Atlanta
Reality shows set in Atlanta are extremely popular. It all started with The Real Housewives of Atlanta featuring a cast of wacky, yet loveable ladies from the area. The show became so popular, that many of the women on the show, got their own reality shows including The Kandi Factory, Don’t Be Tardy and I Dream of Nene. Other reality programs set in the city include Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Big Rich Atlanta, and season 10 of The Bad Girls Club.

What’s your favorite piece of Atlanta pop culture?

A Warm Day and Cool Night in San Antonio

Many of the guests at our San Antonio locations are in town for business, but like to get out and explore the pleasures of the city when they get the chance. While you could easily spend weeks checking out all the city has to offer, you can get a great taste of San Antonio in a day. Follow our guide and you’ll have a great day and night in San Antonio, Texas.

8:00am – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so treat yourself to an indulgent pancake breakfast at the Magnolia Pancake Haus. This San Antonio favorite makes its pancakes from scratch daily, and they have all kinds to choose from! We love the silver dollar pancakes most!

10:00am – Walk off breakfast with a tour of the San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden. This garden had a multimillion dollar renovation in the late 2000’s. The gardens are filled with beautiful and relaxing ponds and pagodas.

12:00pm – Head to one of the most popular places in San Antonio and take a stroll along the incredible River Walk. Take your time and pop into the different shops and art galleries that catch your eye. Check out the menus from different restaurants along the walk and stop for a late lunch at the one you find most appealing.

4:00pm – Have a blast while exploring downtown San Antonio on a Segway Tour! Everyday at 4:00pm the company offers the Executive Downtown Tour. Over the course of 2 hours, you’ll get a safety lesson and then enjoy the thrill of seeing the sights like the Tower of The Americas by Segway.

7:00pm – Visiting San Antonio during game season? You won’t want to miss a Spurs home game! The San Antonio Spurts play basketball at the AT&T Center. The crowds are likely to be in great spirits as the Spurs are the current NBA Champions! If you’re visiting in the off season, we recommend taking in a movie at the Alamo Draft House. It’s for serious move goers only though, they will ask you to leave if they catch you on your phone or talking. Drinks and food are served during the showtimes.

10:00pm – Finish off your incredible day in San Antonio with a late dinner (or snacks) and a couple of drinks at the Zinc Bistro and Wine Bar. The bar serves food until 2am. When you’ve had your fill, your bed will be calling your name.