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Carry-on Packing List for Men

When you’re traveling for work, whether by plane or by car, you are often limited to the amount of luggage space you have. Getting everything you need to fit into carry-on luggage might seem daunting, but it’s doable! We’ve put together the essential packing list that can get you through a week’s worth of business travel, if not more! And remember, all InTown Suites properties have guest laundry facilities, so you’ll never run out of clean clothes – no matter how little you bring with you.

Socks/Underwear – bring enough to get you through the week. Socks are one of the few things we recommend bringing extras of. If you’re on your feet all day, a change of socks can instantly make you feel refreshed and they help make your feet feel rejuvenated.

Undershirts – undershirts help keep your suit and dress clothes clean and feeling fresh, so be sure to bring along a few.

2 T-shirts – t-shirts are great for travel days, free days and for at night. Stick to solid colors and avoid logos.

4 Dress Shirts – a staple of any male wardrobe. You’ll do just fine bringing only white shirts, but if you’d like to inject a little color into the mix, feel free! When picking out shirts for travel, look for ones that are made of no-wrinkle fabrics.

1 Sweater – meeting rooms can get chilly, so pack a sweater, even if you’re traveling during the summer or in a warm climate. They also come in handy at night! Avoid bulky sweatshirts and instead, choose a button-up or light weight pull-over to go with the rest of your carry-on wardrobe.

1 Suit – even if your work environment is casual, it’s wise to pack a suit. Even if you don’t wear it as a suit, you can use the pieces as separates. The dress pants can go with the dress shirts, and if you’re going to an event at night, pairing the suit coat with jeans is a great look that is not too formal.

1 Pair of Extra Dress Pants – along with the pants from your suit, you should bring along another pair of dress pants.

1 Pair of Jeans – a pair of jeans are great for your more casual days and free time. Bring a pair that are dark wash, and they can easily be dressed with one of your dress shirts and ties.

2 Pairs of Shoes – bring one pair of dress shoes and one pair of casual shoes. If you do run a lot, or plan on playing some sports while away, a pair of athletic shoes can also be packed.

Toiletries – toothpaste, tooth brush, shaver, shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner and body wash. To save on luggage space and to comply with TSA rules when flying, buy travel sized versions of the products you need.

Accessories – Accessories are key when packing light! Bring along a small selection of belts, ties, cufflinks and pocket squares and together they will change up your looks and brighten up your carry-on wardrobe!

Use this list when packing for your next trip to an InTown Suites property, and you’ll have the right look for any occasion that might arise.

Top Five Montgomery Alabama Attractions

Montgomery, Alabama

Whether you’re in town for pleasure or you have a few free hours during meetings, there are a lot of unique attractions to fill your time in Montgomery, Alabama. Here are our five favorite things to see in Alabama’s Capitol City!

1.      Rosa Parks Museum
Montgomery is arguably most known as the place where, in 1955, outside of the Empire Theater, Rosa Parks stood up for civil rights by refusing to give up her seat on the bus so a white person could sit down. Today, the site of the old theater is now the Rosa Parks Museum, a part of Troy University Campus Library. The museum tells the story of the struggle for civil rights in the South and includes a replica of the bus Rosa Parks was on. The museum is open from Monday-Saturday and general admission is $7.50.

2.       Civil Rights Memorial
At 400 Washington Avenue, you’ll find the Civil Rights Memorial. The Memorial is a black granite circle inscribed with the names of civil rights martyrs, honoring those people who gave up their lives for civil rights. The Memorial was designed by Maya Lin, the same person who designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and it can be visited free of charge. The Memorial can be visited at any time of day, every day of the year.

3.       Old Alabama Town
Old Alabama Town is a six-block, fifty building section of downtown Montgomery that has been authentically restored to what the area looked like in the 19th and early 20th century. Many of the buildings are open for tours. You can pop into a schoolroom to see how teachers taught multiple grades in one room and you can also visit a classic Southern mansion. If you get hungry during the visit, you can enjoy a classic southern style cafeteria lunch the Farmer’s Market Café. Old Alabama is open Monday-Saturdays except for major holidays and admission is $10.

4.       Hank Williams Museum
A visit to the Hank Williams Museum is a must for any fan of country music. The museum is dedicated to Williams’ short but incredibly influential music career and houses the largest collection of Hank Williams memorabilia including the fan favorite 1952 Baby Blue Cadillac. The Museum is located in downtown Montgomery at 118 Commerce Street and it is open seven days a week. Admission is only $10.

5.       Alabama Shakespeare Festival
It’s a bit of a misnomer – the Alabama Shakespeare Festival is not actually a festival, but theater company that puts on performances year round. While they specialize in Shakespeare, they also perform other works. For example, this July, they will be performing the Broadway Musical performance of Mary Poppins. The Alabama Shakespeare Festival recently opened its own restaurant, The Black Swan Bar and Bistro. Dinner and a show makes for a perfect date night!