Simple Fourth of July Decoration Ideas

With Independence Day right around the corner, now is the time to wrap up your plans and begin the celebrations.

Whether you’re having guests over, or simply celebrating at home (or your InTown Suite!) with the family, here are a few simple decor ideas to make sure you’re decked out in proper red, white, and blue style!

Painted Cans or Jars.

With a few paint brushes and a little bit of paint, even some of the most basic household items can be transformed into beautiful patriotic decorations perfect for the big day. Round up a few empty tin cans or glass jars, and start painting!

Opt for a traditional flag design, or even simple blue, white, and red stripes. The glass jars are perfect as tea light holders, and the tin cans are excellent holders for party essentials like utensils, sparklers, plants, and more.

Paper Chains.

Make your own simple decorations for the house with the help of only a few sheets of red, white, and blue construction paper.

Cut strips of each colored page, and start by forming a closed circle with one of the strips. Glue or tape it shut. Next loop another colored sheet of paper through the first circle, securing the second loop with tape or glue. Alternate colors, and continue until desired length is reached.

Flag Bunting.

Multiple American flags are of course a 4th of July essential, but did you know how easy it is to spruce up the everyday flag into something with even more flair and style?

Try making inexpensive bunting swags. Search ‘DIY flag bunting’ on Pinterest and you’ll find some great resources and instructions – often times you’ll only need a few basic materials, like your flag, some string, and binder clips!

Homemade Garland.

Garland is the perfect holiday decoration as there are so many affordable variations that are perfect for making with the whole family. Get creative and use what you have on hand! Here are a few ideas:

  • Thread string or ribbon through stars cut out of red, white, and blue construction paper. (Hole punch the arms of the stars for the ribbon to go through)
  • Make the traditional triangle flag garland with long triangles cut from red, white, and blue paper, folded over a piece of string and taped at the back
  • Tie a row of small scrap pieces of blue, red, and white material onto a piece of twine and hang above a doorway or on your mantel

Patriotic Cutlery.

When it comes to meal time, make everyone’s spot at the table a little more patriotic with the help of festive cutlery and place settings. Try these simple ideas:

  • Pick up some plain wooden cutlery and make it festive by painting the handles with stripes and stars
  • Grab blue plastic utensils and wrap them up at each individual setting in a red napkin, or vice versa with red utensils in blue napkins

From all of your friends here at InTown Suites, have a safe and happy Fourth of July holiday!

The Best Coffee Shops in Tucson.

No matter where you are on the road, a cup of java is an essential ingredient to a great day and a great trip. A morning coffee is a ritual many of us share, and for most of us, starting your day without it is unheard of.

To help keep you fueled and ready to roll during your next visit to Tucson, we’ve compiled a list of some of the city’s best shops and cafes for that all-important cup of joe. Feeling like you need a little boost? Head over to one of Tucson’s finest.

Crave Coffee Bar.

Beans roasted in-house, specialty coffees, and delectable pastries await at the beautiful Crave Coffee Bar. Savor the fair trade, organic goodness in every cup, and fall in love with coffee craftsmanship at Crave Coffee Bar. 

Raging Sage Coffee Roasters.

A teeny tiny micro-roastery, Raging Sage offers a fine coffee experience for all customers in a cozy atmosphere – whether it be during a live performance or outside on the dog-friendly patio. Raging Sage has been a popular coffee and tea destination in Tucson since 1998 and it’s not hard to see why! 

Donut Wheel.

Just a 5 minute walk from our extended stay property on West Ina Road is the delicious Donut Wheel, home to coveted treats like apple fritters, old fashioned glazed doughnuts, and of course, coffee.

Bisbee Breakfast Club.

For coffee and a hearty (all-day) breakfast, head 5 minutes down the road from InTown Suites to the ever popular Bisbee Breakfast Club, where you’ll enjoy omelets, huevos rancheros, corned beef and hash, and much, much more.

Cartel Coffee Lab.

Sit back and relax with a house-roasted brew in a chic, bohemian atmosphere at the Cartel Coffee Lab. Cartel offers beans from all over the world, including Central and South America, Central and Eastern Africa, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.


For all the Starbucks lovers out there, a ‘best coffee shops’ list wouldn’t be complete without one mention of this popular coffee chain. Just a 2 minute drive from our extended stay Tucson location, get your coffee (and Starbucks!) fix here. 

Did we miss your favorite Tucson coffee shop? Leave a comment to let us know what your favorite coffee spot in Tucson is!