Feel at Home in Jeffersontown Kentucky

InTown Suites Jefferson, KY

Planning on staying in our newly renovated InTown Suites property in the eastern region of Louisville, Kentucky? We’ve put together a short, yet informative guide of what’s available nearby to help you settle more comfortably into your home away from home.

Jeffersontown is a suburb than is very easy to navigate via vehicle and is also navigable via public transit.  The Greyhound Bus terminal is only 10 miles away. From downtown Louisville, Jeffersontown can easily be reached via the I-64, the I-65 and the Henry Watterson Expressway. Our location is conveniently close to the S. Hurtsbourne Parkway and is located a local bus route.

If you need to pick up some creature comforts during your stay at InTown, just across the street you will find a Meijer hypermarket (a hypermarket is a store that sells department store wares as well as groceries). We recommend stocking up your room’s full size refrigerator with fresh grab-n-go foods like fruit, cut up vegetables, milk, yogurt single serves, and eggs for easy and nutritious snacking. Meijer is also great for toiletries like toothpaste and shampoo. Aldi, just a mile away is another great option for affordable grocery shopping, and if neither store carries what you’re looking for, the local Wal-Mart is only 2 miles away.  Looking for more retail therapy? Head on over to the Jefferson Mall, where you’ll find all of your favorite stores.

Even though all InTown Suites rooms come with complete kitchens, sometimes, you just don’t feel like cooking, and want to go out to eat instead. Luckily, there are lots of casual restaurants nearby. Culver’s provides delicious burgers and features a daily rotation of custard flavors. At Burger King you can grab one of their famous Whopper sandwiches and try their new lower fat and lower calorie ‘Satisfries’. If you’re feeling like Chinese, head on over to the Double Dragon, where lunch specials like Sweet and Sour Chicken are available for under $5. All of these restaurants are within walking distance of our InTown Suites property, but if you get in your car and drive a few minutes, you’ll find even more tasty options.  

Looking for a few ideas to keep you busy during your nights and weekends in East Louisville? There’s plenty to do in Jeffersontown! The local residents love to go out for a night of bowling at the nearby Fern Bowling Lanes and King Pin Lanes. If you’d prefer a less active evening out, catch a flick at the Showcase Cinemas. At the Putt-Putt Fun Center you’ll find mini golf and lots of other fun activities, it makes for a great date spot, or a place to take your kids on the weekend.  College football is big in Kentucky, and on many Friday nights you can catch a University of Louisville game at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. The stadium seats 55,000 people and there have been many sell-out games!

Road Warrior Travel Tips


InTown Suites Guest Rooms

Road Warriors are people who are on the road for weeks or even months at a time, usually for work. Being on the road and living out of a suitcase takes some getting used to, but if you follow our advice, you’ll be a pro in no time!

Carry On Sized Suitcase
While it can be tempting to stuff as much as possible into the largest suitcase you own, chances are if you pack smart you will be able to fit everything you need in one piece of carry-on sized luggage. Packing light allows you to travel easily from place to place and you won’t waste time digging for a shoe at the bottom of a large suitcase. If you’re concerned about not having enough clean clothes, choose accommodations that provide onsite laundry options (like InTown Suites!) Pro tip: If you roll your clothes instead of folding them you’ll be able to fit more in your luggage, and as a bonus, they will be less wrinkled.

Travel Apps
If you have a smartphone, download a few apps before you hit the road – they can be huge lifesavers. The typical cost of an app ranges from $1-$5 dollars, and you can often try out the ‘lite’ versions for free.  We recommend the following to get you started:

CoPilot Live – Not happy with your phone’s GPS? CoPilot is a great alternative to Google Maps. It provides voice guided navigation which makes it easy and safe, to get where you need to be.

Automilez – If you’re getting paid mileage fees and need to track your miles download Automilez. This app uses GPS to keep track of how far you’ve traveled.

Trip Tracker – A handy app that helps you keep track of flights, car rentals, accommodations, reservations and more. No more searching through tons of emails to find your reservation number!

Yelp – Hungry and not sure where or what to eat? Yelp will help you narrow down your restaurant choices by area, price, cuisine type etc. One you narrow down your choices, you can read user reviews to help you pick the best option.

Expensify –This app will help you keep track of your receipts. It even has a function to allow you to scan your receipts, leaving you with less paper to hold onto.  When the time comes to submit your expenses, you can also merge all of your receipts into one convenient PDF.

Entertainment on the Road
If you’ll be spending hours a day on the road, invest in some entertainment to help pass the time. Radio service can be spotty in rural areas so download some of your favorite tunes onto a phone or have it burned to a CD. If you have a smartphone, subscribe to some podcasts – most are free and there are so many to choose from. One of our favorites is This American Life. Audiobooks are also a great way to pass the time when driving – Audiable.com has thousands to choose from including new releases.

Accommodations with Kitchen Facilities
Eating out can be fun for a few days, but after a while it can get expensive, boring and unhealthy. Making your own meals can be a great way to save some money, add some variety to your diet and improve your health. When choosing accommodations for your trip, choose a location that provides kitchen facilities. All InTown Suites rooms come with full sized refrigerators, two burners and more.

Safety Gear                   
Always be prepared. If you’ll be away from home for weeks at a time in your vehicle, invest in some safety precautions. Hopefully you won’t need to use them, but if trouble arises, you’ll be glad you have them. Make sure you have an up-to-date AAA membership. It’s also best to pick up a First Aid Kit and a Flat Tire Kit and store them in your trunk.

Hopefully these tips will help make your life on the road a little easier!   

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