5 Tips for Getting a Good Sleep While On the Road

(Photo c/o  livescience.com)

(Photo c/o livescience.com)

We all share a similar issue: when you’re traveling, and away from the familiar surroundings of home, it can be hard to get to sleep. Even with some of the amenities we’re used to (like the comfortable beds, the TVs, and the high speed internet access you’ll find at all of our InTown Suites locations), a change in your routine can inevitably cause a change in your sleeping patterns.

But worry not, and continue reading for 5 tips to help you get the good night’s sleep you need while on the road.

Pay attention to the things you do before bed.

As important as this is at home, it’s even more important when you’re not. Avoiding some of these things can help get your body ready for sleep when it’s time to go to bed:

  • Ditch the caffeine: if you have to have coffee, keep it to the morning hours to prevent it from keeping you up at night.
  • Take a break from the screens: power down your laptop, cell phone, and TV an hour or so before bed. Spend that time doing something truly relaxing, like reading a book, or practicing a few yoga poses.
  • Don’t break your routine: if you’re normally someone who goes for a walk before bed, try doing this while you’re away as well. It’s a great idea to keep some of those rituals in your routine where possible.

Create a calming atmosphere.

Getting to sleep is all about getting relaxed. Maximize your comfort with these in-room tips:

  • Dim the lights: an hour or so before bed, start dimming the lights as a way to kickstart your peaceful bedtime routine.
  • Use a little lavender: the scent of lavender is typically associated with rest and relaxation, and it is a natural sleep-inducing substance. Buy it in oil form and place a few drops on a tissue inside your pillowcase.
  • Listen to soft music: music has tremendous effects on things like mood, energy, and so on. When you start to wind down, try putting some mellow music on, or choose a nature-themed playlist.

Eliminate light sources.

Getting your room as dark as possible is important to getting a good night’s sleep. Your body is programmed to sleep when it’s dark, and even slight exposure to light will increase your alertness. Be sure to pull the curtains and close the blinds as tightly as possible. Purchase and pack a sleeping mask in advance of your trip, in the event your room is too light.

Block out (unwanted) noise.

There are different types of noises that will affect your sleep differently. Some people prefer to have a constant ‘white’ noise (like a fan or nature sound effects) in the background to help them sleep. The idea is that a soft, constant sound will help prevent you from waking up in the event another sound occurs. 

The other type of noise you may experience causes a disruption to your sleep (like the children in the room next door or the ambulance whizzing by the window outside your room). To prevent these from waking you up, bring a couple ear plugs to help cancel them out.

Bring a few things from home.

Never underestimate the power of familiarity, especially when it comes to sleep! Bring a few things from home that you commonly associate with a good night’s sleep. Consider your own pillow and pillowcase, your alarm clock, maybe a light blanket from home, and so on.

Spring in Denver: 5 Things to See & Do

Coors Field in Denver

(Photo c/o espn.com)

With comfortable temperatures now upon us, and while it’s just before the city’s very busy tourist season, May (and springtime in general) is an excellent time to be in Denver. The Mile High City is full of exciting things to see and do, boasting a lively downtown as well as close proximity to natural wonders like the Rocky Mountains.

Whether you’re here on business, relocating, or on a vacation, InTown Suites has you covered with insight into the top attractions and things to do in Denver, as well as affordable extended stay accommodations in both Denver’s East & West sides.

Discover our top 5 recommendations on things to do in Denver this spring.

Wander Through Washington Park.

A favorite for many visitors to Denver, Washington Park is an ever-popular public urban park located just south of central Denver. Home to fascinating displays of historic and contemporary styles of architecture, the Park also features lakes, tennis courts, flower gardens, and more.

Pick a sunny morning or afternoon to stroll through the Park – you’ll be glad you did!

Browse the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

Stop in to learn something new about the natural history of Denver, Colorado, Earth and the universe! Chock-full of exhibitions, programs, and activities for all ages, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science houses over one million objects – there is much to be discovered!

In particular, be sure to check out the dinosaur bones, Egyptian mummies, and the wildlife exhibit (offering 90 habitat scenes and information about animals from around the world).

Take In a Game at Coors Field.

Named after Denver’s popular beer, Coors Field is the home turf of Major League Baseball’s Colorado Rockies. With capacity to hold over 50,000 people, watching a ball game has never been so exciting. And if you’re not able to make a game, it’s still worthwhile to take a tour of the stadium (guided tours are available for about $9 each).

Marvel at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

A public botanical garden situated in the Cheesman Park neighbourhood, the Denver Botanic Gardens are a stunning sight to see, including gorgeous garden displays, outdoor art exhibits, gardening classes, and more. Take your pick of multiple gardens, including York Street, the Mordecai Children’s Garden, Chatfield, and more.

Take a Tour of the Coors Brewery!

Brewing since 1873, Coors is a beer well known to many. Located about 15 miles outside of Denver, if you can make the trip, the Coors Brewery is an iconic attraction. Take a tour through the facilities, and learn everything there is to know about how the beer is produced, from the malting and brewing processes to how it’s bottled and packaged.

For more ideas on things to do in Denver this spring, including other amenities, restaurants and shops nearby, check out the Area Guide tabs on the properties listed on our Denver Apartment Style Accommodations page.

Enjoy your stay!