4 Reasons to Vacation in San Antonio This Summer

Tex-Mex, margaritas, heavy metal music, and the San Antonio Spurs are just a few of the things that come to mind when thinking about San Antonio. But there’s a lot more to this beautiful city than that. From incredible displays and sites of historical importance, to a diverse range of culinary options, to some of the most breathtaking sights you can imagine, there are plenty of reasons to vacation in San Antonio this summer.

And with our extended stay properties making the trip even more affordable, why not make San Antonio the next stop on your summer vacation?

1 – The breathtaking scenery.

From the San Antonio River Walk – a network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River – to the Brackenridge Park – a 343 acre public park – and the Japanese Tea Garden, there are countless stunning sights to see in San Antonio.

2 – The fascinating history.

San Antonio, founded in 1718,  is a city with a rich and colorful history. Much of this history can be discovered at its many museums, galleries, and areas of historical significance.

Visit the Alamo Mission – a UNESCO World Heritage Site that houses exhibits on the Texas Revolution and Texas history – or the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park – a World Heritage Site preserving 4 of the 5 Spanish frontier missions in San Antonio – or perhaps the Cathedral of San Fernando – a Roman Catholic church in downtown San Antonio from 1738.

3 – The abundance of delectable food.

With the Tex-Mex style dishes being some of the most popular around in San Antonio, it’s easy to think that may be all we have to offer – but actually, we have so much more to tempt your tastebuds!

Think food trucks, American fine dining, Belgian seafood, vegan and vegetarian homestyle cooking, Asian cuisine and pho, and so much more! In fact, some of the top restaurants in San Antonio offer Italian, Latin American, seafood, or deli-style cuisine, in addition to Mexican and Tex-Mex joints.

4 – There’s a neighbourhood for everyone.

Although San Antonio is the 7th most populated city in the United States, it is often described as more of a ‘cluster’ of several small towns – and in some cases, it actually is. Think Terrell Hills, Castle Hills, Hill Country Village, and so on – whether you’re exploring another town or traversing the downtown, there is much to be coveted and discovered.

InTown Suites offers extended stay accommodations in multiple San Antonio neighbourhoods, including a property near the San Antonio Airport, and others near to downtown, SeaWorld, and more.

7 Ways to Keep Children Entertained on the Road

There’s no arguing that road trips are a fun and memorable thing to do as a family – and luckily, they’re often quite affordable compared to other means of family travel. And while it’s easy to see the many benefits to a family road trip, there are a few – perhaps – disadvantages that can be mitigated with proper planning and preparation.

With the kids crammed into the backseat for extended periods of time, they’re sure to get restless. Keep them entertained the whole way with these car ideas:

Play a game.

There are plenty of classic car favorites that your kids are sure to love. From I Spy, to Simon Says, Rock, Paper, Scissors, spelling bees, and more, there are many technology and supply-free games that are easy to plan, but are sure to engage the whole family.

Listen to an audiobook.

There’s nothing wrong with everyone reading their own book, and this is often a great distraction for children. To involve the whole family, play an audiobook aloud of something the kids are excited about – perhaps it’s an old favorite, or a new release in their favorite series. Audiobooks can be paused at any time for discussion, questions, and so on.

Bring a bag of tricks.

It never hurts to bring a few toys or gifts to surprise the kids with when you’re on the road. If your road trip is more than a few hours long, consider packing a few gifts that can be distributed every hour. Examples include:

  • If you’re driving at night, bring a few glow sticks as an exciting treat for the children to enjoy
  • A trivia game or other travel version of favorite board games
  • Chalkboard and chalk
  • Other small Dollar Store items

Pack good snacks.

Filling kids up on lots of sugar won’t lead to a calm road trip. But just because candy isn’t the best idea, doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun with what you pack. Kids often love the mini, single serve versions of everyday items like cereal. Or, instead of a candy necklace, make your own homemade version with cheerios, pretzels, froot loops, and so on. Or make up a few snack boxes with various fruit, nuts, cheese, cookies, and so on, all separated into individual compartments.


Pack a few coloring books to keep the kids entertained, or get a little more creative and print out a blank map of the route you’re traveling and have the kids color in the states, towns, and so on as you pass through them. This also helps educate the kids on where you’re going and how far you’ve come!

Play music for everyone.

Try to find some music that everyone in the family can agree on. If that’s not possible, compile a playlist that includes a few of everyone’s favorites and take turns letting the kids pick which song they’d like to hear next.

Take breaks.

Letting everyone out to stretch and get a little fresh air is an important part of a successful road trip. Map out a few key pitstop areas in advance – including restaurants, picnic areas, and so on. Encourage children to get out of the car even if they don’t feel like they need to use the washroom, stretch, etc. – they’ll feel better if they do!

When the road trip is over, let the whole family unwind with a stay at one of our many extended stay properties in the US, offering kitchens, dining area, a large flat panel TV with premium channels, and high speed Internet access.