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The InTown Difference

InTown Suites is not a hotel. At hotels, guests come and go, spending just one or two nights on average. At InTown Suites, our typical guest stays several weeks and each location offers apartment-style amenities so they feel right at home. Plus, with our extremely low weekly rates, we offer the best value in town.

Extended Stays without the hassle of an extended stay hotel

Our guests appreciate our extended stay services. In fact, many prefer us compared to a weekly rate hotel or an extended stay hotel.

Low Weekly Rates and much more than weekly rate hotel

At InTown Suites, we offer low weekly rates and a long list of amenities. It's no surprise our guests keep coming back.

InTown Suites – The short-term apartment alternative

InTown Suites is like a furnished apartment. All utilities are included, and there are no deposits for water, gas, electric, cable/satelite or Internet service. We provide everything!

InTown Suites – The short-term housing solution

If you need temporary housing or emergency housing, InTown Suites has everything you need to be at home. Plus, with no lease required, its easy to come and go as your needs change.

No Lease, No Credit Check, No Contract, No Hassles!

Just low weekly rates and everything you need to feel at home.



BIG News from Intown suites!

We just added 50 new properties and more than 6,100 rooms to the Intown family. We will be rebranding these locations over the next few months. During the transition, you will see frequent updates and changes to the website. However, you can rest assured that these properties are members of the InTown family and they will be renamed and rebranded as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please let us know!