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6 Tips for Visiting Theme Parks in Orlando

6 Tips for Visiting Theme Parks in Orlando

A trip to Orlando is a dream for so many children, families, and friends. A city known for its famous theme parks, Orlando is one of the world’s premier tourist destinations. From Walt Disney World and its four theme parks, to SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and more, there’s no shortage of excitement and things to do.

The most important steps toward an unforgettable vacation in Orlando are research, planning, and advanced bookings. Read on to discover six important tips for visiting theme parks in Orlando.

1) Find the best ticket options.

There are so many ticket options for Orlando theme parks; it’s worth spending some time upfront to research your options to find the best value and flexibility for your group. For example, there’s an Orlando Flexticket that gives you access to Islands of Adventure, Universal, and SeaWorld; a Park Hopper pass for Disney that allows you to move freely between all four of their parks; and Go Orlando Cards that offers discounted prices for dozens of attractions.

Before you begin, have a good idea of how long your trip will be, which parks and attractions are on your must-see list, what your budget is, and how many are in your group.

2) Consider the timing of your visit.

Think about booking your vacation for the off-season (spring and autumn), and during the week as opposed to weekends, to get an optimal combination of smaller crowds, less time spent in lines, and great weather! With millions of visitors each year, crowds and lineups will inevitably be part of your holiday, but if you avoid US holidays and the prime summertime, you’ll enjoy a little more room to breathe.

3) Plan your transportation.

Be sure to look into transportation options between the parks and attractions you’re planning to visit — Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal are all less than 30 minutes from one another. If you’re not a hotel guest, plan to pay for parking at the various parks. There are also shuttles that will take you between parks.

4) Be strategic about mealtimes.

Instead of spending precious time waiting in lines for counter service, snack strategically, eat meals slightly before or after typical mealtimes, and spend those saved hours enjoying the attractions. Plan meals for before or after typical (busy) times, so while everyone else is waiting in line for lunch, you’re taking advantage of shorter lines for the best rides. (Always make reservations in advance where possible!)

5) Prepare for tropical weather.

Prepare for heat and humidity. Hats, sunscreen, and quick-drying clothes are essential to your comfort and enjoyment!

6) Save on accommodations.

There are plenty of accommodation options in Orlando. If you’re willing to travel a little bit, staying outside the parks can save a lot of money. Take advantage of value-add accommodations, featuring things like kitchens, free WiFi, laundry services, and more.

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