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Take care of your business and we'll take care of you!

Do you need to house a construction crew at a job site? Do you have a team of employees undergoing out-of-town training? We can help you take care of your corporate travel needs with flexible, affordable business travel options.

InTown Suites is pleased to offer Pre-Paid and Direct Bill Accounts to our corporate and business partners that take the hassle out of housing in a number of ways. With more than 180 locations across the country (and counting), chances are there’s an InTown Suites extended stay hotel nearby – and we’d love to do business with you!

Benefits for Employers

  • No room deposit is required
  • No credit card is required
  • You control all authorized users
  • You receive weekly invoices
  • Set-up is easy

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If you have been displaced from your home by the effects of Hurricane Harvey, FEMA can facilitate temporary accommodations at InTown Suites in the Houston Area.

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