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Checklist for a Stress-Free Move

Checklist for a Stress-Free Move

Whether you’re relocating across the country or around the corner, preparing for a move is no small endeavor. It can be easy to forget about crucial tasks that need to be done before the big day if you’re not organized, but a little planning a few weeks beforehand can take your move from stressful to stress-free.

We’ve compiled some helpful tips on how to prepare for moving day. Taking a little time to plan each day will help the whole process run smoothly. You’ll be surprised how easily things will come together on the day!

Don’t pack what you don’t need.

What’s the point of paying to move things you don’t use? This is the perfect time to pare down your belongings and perform a closet purge. Clothing, books, and household items are always welcome donations and chances are if you haven’t used it in the past year, you won’t need it in your new place. See our previous blog post: What to Keep and What to Toss for more helpful tips.

Break your move into a timeline.

What do you need to get done eight, four, or two weeks before your move? Start with tasks you know will take longest (like transferring records, policies, and memberships) or are the most crucial (like booking movers), and work towards the things you can do closer to moving day. Keeping a running list will help you feel like you’re moving in the right direction (pun intended) and you’ll be less likely to forget key steps in the moving process. Print a free moving checklist from UPack here.

Keep your move list accessible.

Making a list is one thing, but using it effectively is another. Printable lists are helpful, but if you’re coordinating a move with your roommate, partner, or family, digital might be the way to go. Create a shareable list in an app like Dropbox or Google Docs that can be accessed across devices and can help with delegating tasks.

Try to get a few things done every day.

Your checklist might seem daunting once it’s all put together, but aim to complete a few tasks each day. Changing addresses for subscriptions, mail, etc. can be tedious, so commit to doing one each day before your move. File a change of address with the Postal Service to make sure nothing gets lost in the moving shuffle.

Pack properly.

It might be tempting to throw everything into shopping bags and assorted containers you already own, but these can be a pain to maneuver and load into a moving van or vehicle. Invest in proper moving boxes and take the time to pack them securely to minimize the risk of breakage in transit. Boxes with built-in rods make cleaning out your closet a breeze. Label your boxes for their new destination (kitchen, bedroom, etc.) and you won’t be faced with a mountain of mystery boxes at your new home.

Get your car ready for a road trip.

If your move requires a road trip, make sure your vehicle can go the distance. Check the pressure and condition of your tires, get those suspicious noises checked out, and ensure all your paperwork is up to date. It’s also a good idea to stock up on snacks and supplies so you don’t have to live off of gas station hotdogs. Check out our pre-road trip checklist for more tips on stress-free travel.

Pack the essentials for mid-move.

Think of everything you’ll need once the last box is loaded. Pack a suitcase and put all moving documents in a folder. Keep a box of cleaning supplies close by for last minute touch ups. These can also come in handy on move-in day if your new home needs a quick wipe down. Will you be between homes for more than a few days? Read our blog post on how to pack for an extended stay.

With your possessions in transit, it can be easy to feel a little untethered, but we can help you feel at home on the road. InTown Suites’ extended stay properties offer affordable accommodations in convenient locations.