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How to Help Your Child Adjust to a New School

How to Help Your Child Adjust to a New School

Find yourself in a new town or a new school district this year? No matter the reasons for your move, transitions like these can be a challenging time for everyone. There are a few things you can do to ease the changes for your child, and to help them feel more comfortable in their new environment. Ensure your child is ready with these tips for helping children adjust to a new school.

1) Talk to them.

Give your child as much notice as possible (and as appropriate) to get used to the idea of the move, and the new school. During that time, encourage your child to talk to you — acknowledge their feelings of sadness about leaving friends or familiar places, their concerns about their new destination, and general nerves they may have (this is normal!).

The important thing is to acknowledge their feelings, regardless of what they are. Be sympathetic, let them know you understand, and discuss all of the positives associated with the change — new/different activities, sports, or clubs to join, new friends, a new place to explore.

2) Stick to routines & traditions.

With so many changes happening, your family may take comfort in having a few of their typical rules, routines, and traditions in place. If Sunday night is typically time for a bath, a story, and an early bedtime, enforce this standard at your new home as well. If you have any first-day-of-school traditions from previous years, be sure to replicate them again.

3) Be prepared.

Being prepared will help both you and your children feel more confidant during the transition. Having belongings unpacked and organized in your new or temporary home is an important part of making everyone feel settled.

Having the correct supplies ready for school is another important part of easing your children into their new environment. And there’s no question that getting back to the books can be an expensive endeavor. The good news? A little research and planning can go a long way in saving you some money as you stock up on all the essentials. Check out our cost-effective school supplies for returning to the classroom.

4) Encourage them.

Take advantage of the early days of the school year when all the children are getting adjusted. Use this time to encourage your children to seek out anything that might interest them, be it a school club, sports team, activity, committee, and so on. Encourage your child to mingle with other students and to explore the new opportunities that come their way.

5) Eat well & sleep plenty.

Maintaining healthy habits during this time will help your child manage any extra stress or nervousness they feel. Encourage early bedtimes, prepare healthy meals, and be sure to get out for a little fresh air and physical activity. You don’t need a membership at the fanciest gym; you can work out at home or in a park with these simple exercises. Find a range of healthy and quick meal ideas, like these no-cook meals for summer, one-pot meal ideas, and healthy snack alternatives.

From your friends at InTown Suites, have a safe and fun return to school this fall!