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How to Pack for an Extended Stay

How to Pack for an Extended Stay

Whether it’s for work, pleasure, a move, or another sort of temporary stay, packing for an extended stay is a tough endeavor. It’s no secret that striking the balance between must-haves, nice-to-haves, practical, useful (and so on), is a lot of work. We’ll help you get ahead of the game with a few useful tips on how to pack for an extended stay:

1) Start with your trip in mind.

What types of clothing and possessions will you need? Do you need to dress for work, for activity, or for travel? Planning your wardrobe based on the details of your trip is an important first step in getting prepared.

2) Gather clothing.

Once you know the type of clothing you’ll need, pull everything suitable out that you think you’d like to bring or have access to during your stay. Begin by forming pieces into outfits, and determining which tops and bottoms work well in multiple arrangements. Remove anything that only works with one other piece in the pile — the item isn’t versatile enough and you don’t need it taking up space.

3) Be mindful of colors.

Pick basic colors and cuts that are more likely to match multiple things in your suitcase. Choose bottoms in black, beige, or denim that can easily be paired with colorful top options. Shirts generally take up less room and weight than bottoms, so it’s easier to bring a few additional tops for mixing and matching.

4) Layers are your friends!

Instead of packing bulky sweatshirts or sweaters that take up a lot of room, bring smaller, lighter items that can be layered for warmth, or worn separately in warmer temperatures.

5) Pare down even more.

Go through the clothing you’ve selected, and continue to minimize the pile by removing the things that are the least versatile; i.e., anything that needs ironing, hand washing, or other special care before wearing. In the end, you should aim to be able to make roughly 20 outfits by mixing and matching 10-15 pieces.

6) Ditch the “just in case” items.

Most of us will throw items into our bags “just in case.” Sometimes these items make sense (rain boots for a destination known for rain, for example). But often times these items simply waste space, and are likely going to be useless on your trip (multiple jackets, for example, or excessive toiletries — shampoo, lotion, and toothpaste are probably easy enough to come by at your destination!).

7) Rein in the shoes.

Footwear is always a challenging item to pack, and most people end up bringing more than they really need. A general rule of thumb is to bring two pairs. Pack a pair you can dress up (nice flats or heels for women, and a loafer or dress shoe for men), and pack a pair of casual shoes for everyday use (think quality sandals, slip-ons, sneakers, and so on). Then decide if there is a specific type of footwear you need for activity, like hiking boots, running sneakers, and so on.

8) Use packing tips & tricks.

When it comes to packing, space is always of the essence. Discover ways to find and capitalize on more space in your luggage with the help of these handy packing tips and tricks, including rolling clothing, storing socks inside shoes, and much more.

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