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Nashville Public Transportation

Nashville Public Transportation

Nashville Public Transportation is a great way to not only get around the city but also visit many of the fun attractions nearby. The most popular and convenient mode of public transportation in Nashville is the Nashville MTA.

Nashville MTA

Nashville MTA Fare:

Local & Express: $1.70
All-Day Pass: $3.25
7-Day Pass: $16.00
20-Ride Local & Express: $32.00
31-Day Pass: $55.00
Music City Circuit: Free


The Nashville MTA offers many bus routes and transfers to get you to where you need to be. Downloads of maps, routes, and schedules are all available on the WeGo Public Transit website. What’s even better than budget-friendly public transportation? Free public transportation! The Nashville MTA offers a Music City Circuit that stops at prime downtown destinations, it’s a fun and a free way to tour the city.

Music City Circuit General Information:

There are two circuits available for Music City: Blue Circuit and Green Circuit. The Blue Circuit operates from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM, running every 15-30 minutes. The Green Circuit operates from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM, running every 15-30 minutes. The frequency of the circuit’s stops may vary based on the time of the day. Stops are marked with the “Music City Bus Stop” signs all around the downtown area. You can download this handy-dandy pocket schedule with Music City Circuit destinations, schedules, and a map of downtown Nashville.

Blue Circuit Destinations

Green Circuit Destinations

Arcade Arcade
Ascend Amphitheater Bicentennial Mall
Bicentennial Mall Bridgestone Arena
Bridgestone Arena Country Music Hall of Fame
Farmers’ Market Cummins Station
First Tennessee Park Farmers’ Market
Fisk University First Tennessee Park
Germantown Gulch Restaurants, Bars and Shops
Hadley Park Municipal Auditorium
Meharry Medical Center Music City Convention Center
Municipal Auditorium Music City Central
Music City Central Musicians Hall of Fame
Musicians Hall of Fame Ryman Auditorium
Riverfront Station Schermerhorn Symphony Center
Ryman Auditorium Tennessee Performing Arts Center
Tennessee Performing Arts Center Tennessee State Museum
Tennessee State Museum
Tennessee State University