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Social Distancing Tips & Tricks

Social Distancing Tips & Tricks

With more and more businesses and public buildings becoming open to the public it’s important to maintain social distancing. Avoiding a resurgence of COVID-19 can be prevented if we all take the steps necessary to protect ourselves and each other. We’ve put together some social distancing tips that will keep you safe while adjusting to your new normal.

Wear A Mask

If you have to venture out into public places whether it’s to run errands, grab groceries, go to an appointment, etc, it’s best to wear a mask. By keeping your nose and mouth covered while in public, you lessen your chances of spreading the virus if you’re asymptomatic.

Since wearing a mask has become a standard in most cities, there are so many vendors selling reusable cloth masks in different styles, colors, and patterns. Just because you have to wear a mask doesn’t mean you can’t make a fashion statement. If you do use a reusable mask, be sure to launder it after every public outing.

If you have to venture out with the kids, children 2 years and younger should not have cloth face-coverings placed over their mouths or noses.

Keep Your Distance

While out and about in public spaces, be sure that you are maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet away from other people. Try your best to avoid groups or heavily trafficked areas.

If you feel like you need to get out and get some fresh air, try to head to places that aren’t typically busy. Wide-open parks, trails, and the beach are all great places to have a mini escape from hanging out in your room.

Grocery Delivery & Other Delivery Services

Try using delivery services when you need things like toiletries, groceries, or meals. 

If you want a meal that’s already prepared for you, try the GrubHub or DoorDash apps. Both apps partner with local restaurants to be able to prepare and have food delivered right to your room.

Work Remotely

When you can and if your employer allows, work remotely. Co-working spaces are germ central, why run the risk of getting sick or someone else sick. When working from home you don’t have the extra task of disinfecting every single thing you or someone else touches.

Working remotely has never been so convenient! At InTown Suites we can accommodate your work-from-home needs with our high-speed internet and in-room working desks.

Switch To Remote/Digital

If you could avoid going out into public places by switching to digital experiences to prevent the spread of coronavirus, why wouldn’t you?

We have a few great digital ways to keep you safe while continuing to do the things you love.

Subscription TV

While going to the movie theatre is a blast, better to stay away and healthy than to take the $20 risk. Right now there are so many digital TV subscriptions out there that have an overwhelming amount of original series, cable tv series, movies, and more!

At InTown Suites, you can watch premium TV channels like Showtime –just throw a bag of popcorn in the microwave and you have your own personal theatre with our flat-panel TVs!

All of our TVs at InTown Suites are smart TVs too. You can sign-in to your Netflix account and enjoy all the original series and movies there as well. 

Working Out

Missing out on the gym can definitely make anyone feel like something is missing from their daily routine. But now we have so many workout mobile apps to choose from to still get our daily sweat session in. SworkIt is an awesome fitness app that allows you to workout with what you have in your room. 

If you need a change of scenery while working up a sweat, try an outdoor workout! Pinterest offers tons of free body resistance training tips, so you can take your workout wherever you are.

In-suite staycation ideas that will make social distancing fun while not going completely stir crazy!


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