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New Comfort Upgrade Now Available

As a valued long-term guest, we are offering you the opportunity to upgrade your suite with a brand new comfortable mattress, pillows, and storage-friendly bedframe. Now available for only $5 (single) or $10 (double) more per week —that’s less than $1 per day! Installation time is around 10 business days.

This is just the first step in our new program intended to enhance your living experience. We will continue to make other offers available to you in the coming months, including a new medicine cabinet, headboard, bedding, cabinet repairs and appliance replacement. You’ll also notice cleaner exteriors and refreshed landscaping. Tell us what else you may be interested in. We’d like to hear from you!

Your Comfort Upgrade Includes:

(Single: $5/week, Double: $10/week)

  • New Custom Mattress
  • New Pillows
  • Platform Bedframe* (provides extra storage under the bed)
    *If not already in room

Ready to make your suite even more comfortable?

Upgrade Your Suite