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The Best Travel Accessories to Bring With You on Your Next Trip

The Best Travel Accessories to Bring With You on Your Next Trip

When traveling for a week or more, figuring out exactly what to pack can be a daunting challenge. We’ve already written about what clothing to pack (for both men and women) and now we’re helping you out with the accessories you should consider bringing along.

1.      Power Cord
It seems like no matter how many outlets your guest room has, with today’s technology it never seems like it’s enough. Solve the problem by traveling with a small power cord. It will let you plug in and charge multiple devices from one outlet. If you’re at an airport, you’ll be considered a hero if you pull one of these out and share with others.

2.      Ear plugs
Even if you’re not planning on sleeping on the plane, ear plugs are a must when flying. Not only will they help to drown out noisy neighbors and crying babies, it also cuts out the tiring sounds of the airplanes jets. You’ll be amazed at how much more refreshed you feel when landing when wearing these.

3.      Eye Mask
Being on the road for days at a time can be exhausting and you need to catch up on sleep when and where you can. Eye masks are helpful when trying to get some sleep on planes, and they can also cut out sunlight if you take a quick afternoon nap in your room.

4.      Duct tape
Duct tape is a savvy traveler’s best friend. It has a myriad of uses from acting as a lint brush to being a luggage identifier, to patching up a hole in a shoe. Buy a small roll of duct tape and bring it with you whenever and wherever you travel.

5.      Luggage Scale
Nowadays it seems like airlines are weighing all your luggage, including carry-on suitcases. If you have a heavy hand when packing, pick-up a travel sized luggage scale, so you’re sure you are below the weight limit, avoiding any overweight luggage fees!

6.      Ziploc Bags
Much like duct tape, Ziploc bags are a godsend to travelers. They will hold all of your liquids, so in case of any spills, the liquid won’t end up all over your clothes. If you don’t get a chance to do laundry while traveling, you can also use the bags to separate your dirty clothes from your clean clothes. If your second pair of shoes got dirty, stick them in there.

7.      Antibacterial Wipes
Being sick is never fun, but being sick when traveling is extra awful. While you can’t completely protect yourself from catching a bug, minimize your risk by wiping down your rental vehicle, seats and table trays on planes and anything else you will be frequently touching that is also touched by lots of other hands. These also come in handy if you can’t find can’t find a restroom to wash your hands in before grabbing a bite to eat.

8.      Tide to Go
Headed to a meeting and spill a little coffee on your shirt? A quick dab from a Tide to Go pen, and it will look like nothing ever happened.

9.      Soft-sided cooler
If you’ll be on the road a lot, bring a soft-sided cooler with you. You can store healthy sandwiches, fruits and veggies, and drinks in here. Packing your own meals will keep you healthier, save you money, and save you time when on the road.

10.   A Good Book
Even the busiest person also has some downtime when traveling. Waiting in airports, waiting for meetings, etc. Pass the time by bringing along a good book. Paperbacks, EBooks, Audiobooks, it doesn’t matter the format!

What is your must-have travel accessory?

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