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Fresh Produce That Won’t Break the Bank

Fresh Produce That Won’t Break the Bank

Eating healthy shouldn’t put a strain on your budget. While fresh fruits and veggies are an important part of a balanced diet, many people still shy away from buying them because of their cost. However, when you cut corners at the grocery store to save money, you’re left with less nutritious food, high in added sugars and fats. So, whether you’re cooking at home or in one of InTown Suites’ fully-equipped kitchens, we can show you how to put healthy food on the table that won’t break the bank.

Buy in Season
Although most fruits and vegetables are available year-round, some are less expensive when they’re in season and more plentiful. In the winter months, keep an eye out for broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, grapefruit, oranges, and cranberries. Fall produce is always bursting with flavor: look for apples, beets, butternut squash, pumpkins, pears, and tangerines. The warm spring and summer months bring family favorites like watermelon, strawberries, peaches, peppers, zucchini and green beans. Seasonal produce might be fleeting, but it tastes better and costs less, too.

Consider Frozen
Contrary to popular belief, frozen and canned produce can be just as nutritious as their fresh counterparts. Frozen fruits and vegetables tend to be more affordable, and freezer bags make it easier for you to use only what you need when you need it. Canned produce is also a much cheaper option than fresh fruit and vegetables and lasts much longer, stretching your budget even further. Storing your frozen goodies during a stay with us is easy! Each of our extended stay suites is furnished with fully-equipped kitchens that include a full-size refrigerator.

Buy in Bulk
When you buy in bulk, you buy food without the extra costs for packaging and marketing. When shopping for bulk produce, look for fruits and veggies that you can freeze: bananas, berries, peaches, pears, mangoes, and kiwis all freeze well and can be delicious additions to smoothies and desserts. For veggies, raw carrots, celery, bell peppers, yellow onions, green onions, and potatoes are all great candidates for freezing and can be added easily to soups, casseroles, and pasta.

Expand Your Horizons
Not all fresh produce needs to be purchased at the grocery store. Consider browsing your local farmers’ markets, roadside produce stands or co-ops. Depending on how quickly someone is looking to unload their harvest, you can usually drum up some great deals by shopping locally. Have a friend with a veggie garden? Consider making dinner for them in exchange for some fresh produce; everyone loves a home-cooked meal!

Here at InTown Suites, we want you to feel right at home. That’s why our Extended Stay Locations have everything you need—including fully-equipped kitchens—to create simple, healthy meals for you and your loved ones.