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Tips for a Happy & Safe Halloween

Tips for a Happy & Safe Halloween

Halloween is a mere three days away. We hope you have your costumes prepped, your candy bags ready, and your walking shoes by the door.

Trick-or-treating has long been a fun and exciting part of Halloween, and though we’re all quite familiar with what it is and how to do it, there are a few safety precautions we should all keep in mind to enjoy a safe and happy Halloween.

Review these quick tips before you head out the door trick-or-treating this Saturday!

  • If your costume is mainly made up of dark colors, be sure to add something bright and reflective to ensure you’re seen by motorists. Try reflective tape or arm bands, and/or incorporating things like flashing snap-on lights, or glowsticks.
  • Avoid masks and other face coverings that hinder proper vision; instead try makeup and/or hats to go with your costume.
  • Ensure costumes are the proper length – avoid anything that is too long, drags behind you, or could otherwise cause you to trip on the road or someone’s porch.
  • Approach houses that have active halloween displays, lit pumpkins, and/or porch lights turned on. Avoid those with lights turned out.
  • Unless the treat is from a close friend or family member, avoid homemade treats that aren’t commercially wrapped.
  • When you get home, look through your Halloween candy and discard anything that isn’t properly wrapped, or otherwise looks suspicious for any reason.
  • When possible, trick-or-treat in groups, or with other family members. Adults or older teenagers should always accompany young children.
  • Always remember to look both ways before crossing the road. Be sure to only cross the street at corners or marked crosswalks, and never assume a driver sees you unless you’ve made direct eye contact.
  • If you’re going out trick-or-treating without parents or other family members, make sure your route is communicated in advance, so you can be found quickly if needed.
  • Never enter a stranger’s house, even if invited. Stay on the front stoop or porch while trick-or-treating. 

Happy Halloween from all your friends here at InTown Suites!

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