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Tips for Using Rental Storage Units

Tips for Using Rental Storage Units

Whether you’re relocating, between homes, or simply have more belongings than you can comfortably store, storage units can be incredibly convenient options. Once you’ve decided to rent a storage unit, there are plenty of things you can do to maximize the space, protect your belongings, and have peace of mind. Read on for a few helpful tips for using rental storage units.

1) Determine the level of access you need.

First and foremost, it’s important to decide what level of access you’ll need to your belongings. Is it likely that you’ll require access to your unit on short notice? If so, you’ll probably want to opt for a 24-hour option (this is a common option, but may not come standard so be sure to take this into consideration).

2) Always use pallets.

You’ll want to make sure all your items are kept up off the floor at all times. Moisture from the ground can affect your possessions, and weather is unpredictable — there’s no guarantee rain or melting snow won’t seep its way under the door.

3) Consider plastic wrap.

If you’re worried about larger furniture items collecting dust, wrap them up in industrial plastic wrap! It’s a great way to keep heirlooms and other favorite pieces clean, dust and scuff-free.

4) Pack vertically.

Ensure larger items (couches, dressers, bedframes, and so on), use as much vertical space as possible. Instead of having a couch take up several feet of precious floor space, stand it up on its side. It’ll free up lots of useable space around it, and will be easier to wrap if you choose to do so.

5) Don’t forget to label. Everything.

Even though you know what’s going into your storage unit, chances are those details may become a little hazy after several weeks or months. Save yourself the hassle of having to dig through unmarked boxes, bags, and shelves by labeling everything that goes into the unit. Take it a step further by creating a list of items in the storage unit, with a note alongside that lets you know where that item or box is located.

6) Think ahead.

Plan the layout of your storage unit accordingly. Make sure to keep items you anticipate needing regular access to are near the front of the unit, with anything that’ll be there for a while at the very back. Your future self will thank you!

Whether you’re relocating across the country or around the corner, preparing for a move is no small endeavor. We’ve compiled some helpful tips on how to prepare for moving day. Taking a little time to plan each day will help the whole process run smoothly. You’ll be surprised how easily things will come together on the day!