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Tips for Relocating to a New City

Tips for Relocating to a New City

Whether your move is temporary or you’re relocating permanently to launch a new career with a clean slate, having a solid plan can make any transition more successful. Packing and moving your belongings is exhausting and expensive, and finding a place to live in a new city can be mentally and financially draining, but don’t give up hope! Using these tips and taking advantage of hassle-free temporary housing at InTown Suites, anyone can make relocating a reality.

Budget & Save for a Move

If you’re relocating before you’ve found a job, a solid savings plan is in order. Begin budgeting as soon as you’ve decided to move, and cut out anything extraneous to eliminate frivolous spending. Evaluate your current living situation and see whether downsizing can save you money. If you’re living beyond your means, consider a temporary move to an extended stay hotel to reduce your bills and start building your nest egg. InTown Suites offers an in-room kitchen that makes it easy to prepare delicious, cheap meals and to save money by avoiding convenience foods and eating out, and the room is set up with a large TV, cable, and internet so you can cut out streaming services and expensive entertainment.

Be Smart About Temporary Housing

Be realistic when estimating the accommodations you can afford in your new city or town. Look for housing that’s affordable yet isn’t so bare bones you find it difficult to live in. InTown Suites’ furnished rooms strike the perfect balance: The basic amenities and furniture are provided—just bring basic cookware and your toiletries and clothing to be set up comfortably. Utilities, such as Wi-Fi and local telephone, are included from day one, so you can get started applying for jobs or enroll in school without waiting for account transfers, credit checks, or paying costly setup fees. Choosing an extended stay hotel rather than an apartment lets you get used to the city and buys you time to improve your credit score or increase your savings so you’re better prepared when the right permanent housing solution comes along.

Earn Extra Cash With Side Jobs

While you look for long-term work, consider taking up temporary side jobs to supplement your income during this transition. There are many construction companies, caterers, and skilled labor gigs with quick on-the-spot hiring. Watch message boards online or browse postings at a local laundromat or grocery store to find companies looking for laborers. You can accept cash jobs without needing to find a bank or transfer funds to pay for your accommodations. InTown Suites’ flexible payment terms allow you to pay however you prefer—cash, debit, or credit.

InTown Suites also offers career opportunities in many areas, including guest services, management, and housekeeping. Browse our available positions to join our diverse, inclusive team at InTown or our sister property, Uptown Suites. Our competitive compensation and benefits give any relocation story a happy ending.

Find an InTown Suites extended stay location in your dream city and start planning your relocation today. Our Triple Checked Clean rooms are move-in ready and include the basic amenities and utilities anyone needs to get off to a good start. Whether you’ve been preparing for a while or you’re moving last-minute, our hassle-free reservations give you a place to stay as long as you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I temporarily relocate?

Begin your relocation by finding reliable temporary housing at InTown Suites. These furnished suites allow you to try out a new city without committing to a full move right away. Look for work, repair your credit, and become established in the community before permanently relocating.

How do I get a place to live with no job?

InTown Suites doesn’t require a credit check, so guests can move in and get settled even before finding work or launching a new career. Choosing flexible temporary housing gives you time to make smart choices and find solid employment without worrying about getting locked into a lease just days after moving.

How do I temporarily live in a city?

Look for reliable temporary housing that includes all of the basic furnishings so you won’t need to move your belongings for a short stay. InTown Suites’ studio-style suites include furniture, utilities, and on-site amenities so you need to bring only what’s essential for your temporary move and can leave the rest in storage.

How do I move away with no job?

Start by finding affordable temporary housing that requires no credit check. Moving is expensive, but with careful budgeting and affordable accommodations, you can move away to nearly any destination to start fresh; extended stay hotels provide basic amenities and furnishings for anyone, and InTown Suites doesn’t require a credit check so your fresh start is hassle-free.

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