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5 Tips for Getting a Good Sleep While On the Road

We all share a similar issue: when you’re traveling, and away from the familiar surroundings of home, it can be hard to get to sleep. Even with some of the amenities we’re used to (like the comfortable beds, the TVs, and the high speed internet access you’ll find at all of our InTown Suites locations), […] Read More

Spring in Denver: 5 Things to See & Do

With comfortable temperatures now upon us, and while it’s just before the city’s very busy tourist season, May (and springtime in general) is an excellent time to be in Denver. The Mile High City is full of exciting things to see and do, boasting a lively downtown as well as close proximity to natural wonders […] Read More

Visit Minneapolis On a Budget

The largest city in the state of Minnesota, Minneapolis is a fantastic place to visit. A city known to be abundantly rich in water (there are 20 lakes and wetlands, the Mississippi River, creeks, and more), Minneapolis is a truly beautiful city. If you’re planning a trip to Minneapolis and are looking for ways to […] Read More

Free (or Low Cost) Things to Do in Cincinnati.

With so much to see and do, Cincinnati really is an exciting city to visit. And best of all: accommodations, attractions, and things to do don’t need to break the bank on your next visit! With 2 InTown Suites locations to choose from (one in Cincinnati and one in the nearby Fairfield) you’ll have no […] Read More

Simple Spring Activities for Kids

Spring is a great time to break out of the mold and try something new. With better weather upon us, coupled with a sense rebirth and renewal, there’s no better time to get creative. This week, InTown Suites brings you a few ideas on ways to entertain children this spring. So whether you’re on the […] Read More

Simple Meal Ideas: Cooking at Your InTown Suite

Craving some home-cooked goodness? Take out and dining out are delicious – and often, very convenient – meal options to have at our fingertips. But there’s something to be said for a meal that’s been assembled at your own place, by yourself or a loved one. The meals are often healthier, and there’s just something […] Read More

Visiting Nashville in April

Planning on being in the great Nashville during the month of April? You’ll be happy to know there’s no shortage of exciting events and things to do. April just so happens to be a busy month for the largest city in Tennessee. Here are 6 activities, attractions, and things to do in Nashville recommended by […] Read More

Top 10 Budget Eats in Charleston

Charleston is well known for its delicious Southern cuisine. Primarily comprised of seafood (think catfish, shrimp, oyster, and crab), as well as hearty grains straight from the earth (rice and grits), Lowcountry cuisine is sought-after around the world for its fresh and flavourful ingredients. If you find yourself in Charleston, be sure to take advantage […] Read More

7 Free Things to Do in Austin

March is just around the corner and here in Austin the temperature will soon reach those balmy 70s that we’re all so fond of. There really isn’t a better time to explore some of the great things Austin has to offer. The best part of all? Exploring Austin doesn’t need to cost a fortune. During […] Read More

Top 10 Beach Reads of 2015

It’s been a tough winter in many places across the country, with storm after storm taking its toll. Some lucky people will be heading to the beaches of Florida to escape winter, if only for a week or two. Beaches are made for relaxing, and for reading. If you’re one of the lucky ones heading […] Read More