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Avoid Late Fees!

Room charges are due by 12 noon on your due date. After that time, a $25 late fee is incurred. You may pay online until 5PM on your due date. After 5PM, you must pay in person at the front desk.

What is needed?

  1. A valid VISA, MasterCard or AMEX;
  2. Credit Card Billing Address
  3. Room Number
  4. Folio Number (contained on a past receipt or available at the front desk)
  5. Guest's Name

Do I get a Receipt?

You should receive a confirmation number and transaction summary as your payment is accepted. If you do not receive this information, your payment has not been recorded. In this case, you must contact the front desk to process payment.

Still Have Questions?

Click here or contact the front desk for detailed instructions.


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