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Exploring Houston’s Museum District

Houston skyline


What’s your favorite museum in Houston? Art and culture lovers enjoy visiting Houston for its amazing Museum District. Within a 1.5 mile radius, you’ll find 19 museums – there is truly something for everyone. With so many museums, Houston rivals other art capitols of the world like London, Paris and New York. We’ve written about a few of our favorites below, but you can learn about all 19 here.

The Houston Zoo                                   

Young or old, everyone loves visiting the zoo. The Children’s Zoo section of the park has a petting zoo where you can get up close and personal with some of the center’s tamer animals. The McNair Asian Elephant Habitat is home to a family of 7 elephants, including a few babies. You won’t want to miss getting up high on the Giraffe Feeding Platform where you come face to face with the tall creatures and get to feed them some lunch. Admission to the Houston Zoo is $14, and from September to May, the first Tuesday of every month is free entry.

The Houston Center for Photography

A trip to this museum will inspire you to get out your camera (even if it’s just an iPhone) and start snapping away. The Center for Photography features photographs from artists all over the world, and they also highlight many local photographers from the Houston area. You’ll be amazed at what can be captured through a lens, many of the photographs look like they must be paintings. Admission to the Center for Photography is always free of charge!

The John C. Freeman Weather Museum

Channel your inner weatherman as you stand in front of a green screen, giving a pretend weather report. Pointing at the right spot is harder than it looks! At America’s first weather museum, you can learn how weather forecasting and predicting is done. Even with changes in technology, the basics have remained the same for hundreds of years. Learn about the natural disasters that affect our country in the Hurricanes, Cyclones and Tornadoes exhibit. By the time you leave, you’ll have a better appreciation for your local 5’oclock meteorologist. The entry fee is $5, but admission is free every Thursday from 12-4pm.

The Health Museum

Located in the Texas Medical Center, you’ll find the interactive Health Museum. Because you can interact with everything, it makes learning about the human body a fun experience. The museum has a 4D Theatre. What’s the 4th dimension? The theatre adds special effects like raindrops and scents. In You – The Exhibit, you can take a peek at your future self. The exhibit will predict how long you’ll live, and what you’ll look like in 30 years!