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All The Questions You Didn’t Know To Ask About Your Next Extended Stay Visit

All The Questions You Didn’t Know To Ask About Your Next Extended Stay Visit

You’re looking for a hotel to book for a week or longer and have noticed “extended stay” options keep popping up. But what does that mean, exactly? Here’s what you need to know about choosing an extended stay hotel, including what they are, how they work, and what to expect when you arrive. 

About Extended Stay Hotels

These properties are also called long-term hotels and operate differently than traditional lodging. While rooms are reserved similarly, bookings are offered in seven-day increments at long-term hotels. InTown Suites extended stay hotels are an affordable option for anyone.

What is an extended stay hotel?

An extended stay hotel welcomes guests for a week or month at a time. Each room is a furnished suite with apartment-style amenities, including full kitchens, comfortable seating, updated bedding, plenty of storage, and a home-away-from-home feel. 

How do extended stay hotels work?

Extended stay properties operate similarly to conventional hotels as far as booking online or by phone, but the rooms are offered by the week rather than nightly. And while you can still count on friendly, attentive staff at an extended stay property, you’ll notice reduced reception hours and fewer check-ins from housekeeping, and you’ll enjoy more privacy than you would at a conventional hotel. 

Are extended stay hotels cheaper?

Yes, extended stay properties charge less expensive weekly or monthly rates than hotels with by-the-night fees. Conventional rooms are set up to charge on a per-night basis which is not an affordable option for many who need lodging for a week or month. InTown Suites accommodate longer visits, offering flexible payment plans with lower rates based on the length of the reservation. 

What is an example of an extended stay hotel?

InTown Suites is one example of a popular, industry-leading extended stay hotel. This is one of the largest wholly owned economy hotel brands in the country and has properties in  188 locations nationwide

Amenities at an Extended Stay Hotel

Fewer on-site amenities help keep rates more affordable at extended stay hotels. A long-term suite focuses on making each room your private home with a kitchen, storage, and updated bedding, while a traditional hotel concentrates their efforts on property perks, such as a swimming pool, sauna, or spa. 

Do extended stay hotels have washers and dryers?

Yes, extended stay hotels provide laundry facilities for guest use. The washers and dryers are available any time and require only a nominal fee per cycle. 

Do extended stay hotels have kitchens?

Absolutely! One of the best features of extended stay hotels is the in-room kitchen in each suite. At InTown Suites, each room includes a two-burner stove, full-size refrigerator, microwave, sink, and enough storage for the supplies you bring, including cookware, utensils, favorite dishes, and pantry items. 

We offer three suite levels: Traditional Suites include the basics at our best price, Upgraded Suites include more storage and new bedding, and Premium Suites are fully renovated with a brand new kitchen, stylish furniture, and additional storage for your extended stay.

What amenities are offered at extended stay hotels?

Extended stay hotels offer apartment-style furnishings, in-room kitchens, premium HDTVs with an expanded TV channel lineup, Wi-Fi access, and other practical amenities that make long-term visits comfortable yet keep the rates affordable. You won’t often find vacation-style extras (e.g., hot tub, fitness center, coffee shop) at long-term hotels, but many InTown properties are located in cities with affordable entertainment, dining, and family attractions. 

Does an extended stay have breakfast?

Similar to a conventional hotel, many long-term hotels offer a continental-style breakfast, but because each suite includes a complete kitchen, you can easily start your day with a healthy, home-cooked meal. Properties are oftentimes located near many grocery and necessity stores to make stocking your cupboards easy. Grocery delivery is another convenient option our guests like to use.

Is there housekeeping at long-term hotels?

Yes. Long-term hotels thrive on providing clean, safe, move-in ready rooms. InTown Suites uses a Triple Checked Clean process to ensure every suit is cleaned, sanitized, and inspected prior to your arrival, and to keep the rates low during your stay, housekeeping is offered weekly rather than daily.  

Room Rentals & Rates for Long-Term Stays

Reservations at an extended stay hotel are as easy to book as they are at any property, but extended stay hotels set themselves apart from conventional lodging with lower rates. InTown Suites’ properties are an affordable, flexible solution for guests during a housing crisis or for a family taking a budget-friendly vacation. Our Best Rate Guarantee assures you won’t overpay when you book directly with us.

How long can you stay at an extended stay hotel?

Extended stay hotels welcome guests for as long as they need lodging, whether that’s one week, several weeks, or months. Affordable weekly rates, easy renewals, online payments, and convenient locations are reasons travelers prefer InTown Suites.

Can you extend your time at a hotel?

Absolutely. While a traditional hotel may need advance notice, most long-term establishments make renewals easy. Complete an online reservation extension for any InTown Suites location to extend your stay, and if your plans change before you arrive, update your reservation online. 

Why do extended stay hotels have office hours?

Unlike conventional hotels with full-time night clerks, InTown Suites operates more like an apartment than a hotel, and offers designated office hours. InTown managers are available to help on-site Monday through Saturday so you’ll have plenty of time to get checked in and situated in your home away from home. Outside of those hours, easy-to-use online portals for booking, modifying, or extending your stay are always available.

Now that we’ve answered your questions about extended stay hotels, you can see why InTown Suites is an excellent choice for affordable lodging with the comforts of home. Whether you need lodging for business, vacation, or temporary housing, browse our weekly offers to find a great deal on your next InTown Suites stay.

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