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Family Vacation Destinations & Summer Events

Family Vacation Destinations & Summer Events

Family vacations in Savannah, Virginia Beach, and other warm destinations are just the relaxing, fun, and affordable summer getaways you’re looking for. InTown Suites’ weekly hotel rates in West Palm Beach, Charleston, and other cities can make your vacation dreams a reality, especially when you pair budget-friendly lodging with cheap, easy entertainment. Follow along to start planning a family vacation in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Savannah, or Charleston and enjoy a memorable, exciting summer trip.

Planning a Family Vacation in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is a good summer vacation destination for families because the weather is beautiful, the scenery is incredible, and there is entertainment for everyone. Families looking for pleasant weather and endless things to do will appreciate all this city offers. At its hottest, the average summer temperatures in Virginia Beach hover around 85 degrees and the evenings often drop to a welcoming 70 degrees, allowing for entertainment from sunup to sundown at the beaches, parks, or boardwalk.

Weekly Hotel Rates in Virginia Beach

When it’s time to find an affordable place to stay, InTown Suites in Virginia Beach gives your family comfortable, budget-friendly lodging in the heart of it all. The reasonable rates for weekly and monthly reservations let you enjoy the beach vacation for as long as you’d like, and the newly renovated suites make any extended vacation even more enjoyable. The upgraded storage lets you unpack and feel at home, and the comfy furniture is a welcome retreat after long days out and about. The in-room kitchen features a full-size refrigerator to keep favorite snacks fresh, and the two-burner stove top and microwave make it easy to cook quick meals on your schedule. Plus, we make it easy to extend your stay so you can continue enjoying time with your family. 

Summer Events in Virginia Beach

‘Eventful’ is one way to describe Virginia Beach in the summer, because there are always things to do in this tourist town. The festivals, events, and farmers markets give everyone something to look forward to and make your vacation planning effortless. Consider adding these summer events to your vacation to-do list:

Planning a Summer Vacation in Fort Lauderdale

Florida isn’t only a spring break spot, it is also a top summer destination for the family looking for a carefree, easy vacation that includes endless beach days, fabulous weather, and affordable, convenient accommodations. Late summer is one of the cheapest times to visit Fort Lauderdale because the prices drop with the tourist numbers. When the 90-degree average summer temperatures begin in Fort Lauderdale and the school year nears, fewer families hit the beach, so you can find deals on entertainment and enjoy less crowded beaches during the late season.

Weekly Hotel Rates in Fort Lauderdale 

To get the best value on hotel rates during an extended stay in Fort Lauderdale, look for a property that books reservations by the week or longer. InTown Suites Fort Lauderdale offers rooms by the week, and when you book directly with us, you get our best rate, guaranteed. This means you can spring for our Premium Suite and enjoy our most comfortable beds and other furnishings so everyone will wake up rested and ready for more fun. Most extended stay hotel rates don’t include extras, like daily housekeeping, front desk attendants, and toiletries, so you pay for only the basics that you need. Families on a budget appreciate having a choice in their expenses, and the in-room kitchens let parents cook simple meals in the suite and eat at the dining table—a welcome improvement over hauling everyone down to a hotel’s breakfast room or eating out for every meal.

Summer Events in Fort Lauderdale

Many agree that going to the beach is the best thing to do in Fort Lauderdale , but there are other summer events in the area worth checking out. The boardwalk and areas in Hollywood, Florida near Fort Lauderdale are active all summer long, so you can look forward to: 

Planning a Family Vacation in West Palm Beach

The attractions in West Palm Beach make it a great family vacation spot because entertaining little ones here is effortless, and the free summer events and affordable accommodations let you book a few extra days for relaxing, exploring, or whatever you like to do. The beaches in West Palm Beach are especially favorable because there are options to please no-frills sunshine seekers and families who prefer access to playgrounds and amenities during beach days. The high average summer temperature in West Palm Beach is around 90 degrees, so dedicating time to spend near the water will simplify your planning.

Weekly Hotel Rates in West Palm Beach

While most advise visiting West Palm Beach during its off-season to get a good hotel deal, InTown Suites offers great weekly hotel rates anytime. Making a smart decision about your family’s lodging will stretch your budget so you can enjoy a weeklong (or longer) stay in this beautiful city. The West Palm Beach InTown Suites property offers newly renovated rooms at reasonable rates. These Premium Suites feature tons of storage so you can pack what your family needs—and wants—for a relaxing vacation. The new full-size refrigerator, microwave, and two-burner stove are excellent additions for cooking meals before the beach or packing a picnic for the park. Each non-smoking suite is Triple Checked Clean and beautifully furnished with comfortable seating and bedding so your evenings in, nap times, and lazy mornings truly feel like a vacation. When it’s time to venture out, there is a water park, aquarium, bowling alley, and many parks within only a short drive of this popular property. 

Summer Events in West Palm Beach

Save time in your itinerary for checking out the downtown area of West Palm Beach. This lively district hosts some of the can’t-miss summer happenings, and because it is less than eight miles from InTown Suites, you’ll have easy access to all the best things to do, including these events:

Planning a Family Vacation in Savannah

Savannah is a fabulous Southern escape for families because this destination offers culture, history, and a vibrant summer scene. Best of all, you can find affordable weekly hotels so you have time to savor the best of Savannah, including its wonderful beaches. The pristine coastline in Savannah features a lovely mix of bustling and quiet beaches to choose from. Finding the perfect spot near the water will help you stay cool during the hot 90-degree average summer temperatures in Savannah.

Weekly Hotel Rates in Savannah

Staying for an extended family vacation in Savannah is affordable when you choose your accommodations thoughtfully. Selecting our Savannah InTown Suites extended stay hotel is one way to stretch your vacation dollars for a weeklong stay, and upgrading to a Premium Suite will make your stay a breeze. The amenities include an all-new in-room kitchen, which makes preparing your own healthy meals away from home easier so you don’t need to rely on fast food or expensive eateries for your family’s entire vacation. Parents appreciate the drop-leaf table and chairs during mealtimes with little ones, and the rest of the furnishings—a recliner or sofa, a large TV with an expanded channel lineup, and new bedding—let everyone recharge for the next outing. Our property’s location is removed enough from the busy city area to be relaxing and quiet, but it is only miles from the city market, greenspaces, museums, and amusement parks.

Summer Events in Savannah

It isn’t hard to find things to do in Savannah, as this city boasts a long list of tours, attractions, and historic areas to see. Summer weather is perfect for lazy strolls through parks and along monument-filled streets, and when you want to add something special to your itinerary, try these events:

Planning a Family Vacation in Charleston

Charleston is a good place for families looking for an active vacation because there are so many public parks, children’s museums, and family-friendly beaches around the city. One of the best beaches for families near Charleston is Folly Beach. This picture-perfect area is laid-back and quiet so your family can relax and spend the day building sandcastles, swimming, or exploring the outdoors. The average summer temperature in Charleston is in the mid-80s on the warmer days, so you can expect to have great weather for splashing in the surf and lounging on the sand.

Weekly Hotel Rates in Charleston

When you want to see and do it all while in Charleston, choose any of our four InTown Suites locations for your weekly accommodations. These extended-stay hotels provide great lodging, and all properties offer Premium Suites for extra comfort during a long stay. The property amenities include on-site laundry facilities so families don’t need to waste time finding a laundromat in a new town, and the in-room kitchens make mealtimes extra easy. Every renovated room is fully furnished with our best bedding and seating, and a large TV with an expanded channel lineup, so you can catch the big game or find a family-friendly movie without going out. USB charging stations and super-fast Wi-Fi keep little ones’ tablets and electronics ready when you need them. Our Charleston property locations are just outside of downtown, so you’ll have a quiet retreat with easy access to many local attractions. 

Summer Events in Charleston

While browsing the historic neighborhoods and visiting the gorgeous beaches can fill a weeklong visit in Charleston, there are also family-friendly activities happening on nearly any night of the week. When you’re planning your trip to ‘Chucktown,’ add some of these summer events to your itinerary:

We can’t wait to host your family’s summer vacation in any of these fabulous destinations. Watch our weekly offers to find even better rates on your next reservation. Easily extend your stay anytime to catch all the best summer events and see how weekly rentals at InTown Suites are ideal for long, relaxing vacations.

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