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Why Choose an Extended-Stay Hotel for the Holidays?

Why Choose an Extended-Stay Hotel for the Holidays?

There are several compelling reasons an extended-stay hotel may make a better option for the holidays than staying with relatives. An InTown Suites extended stay hotel gives you affordable lodging with a lot less hassle for the relative hosting you, better rest and relaxation for you, and all the amenities your family needs to make it through the holidays with ease. Our properties in 22 states provide affordable weekly and monthly rates, so look for us before staying with relatives for extended holiday stays.

1| Reduce Stress for the Host

Hosting a family holiday meal or gathering can be stressful for even the most organized person. Ease their worries by staying in a nearby extended stay hotel rather than in their guest room. You can still offer to help with setup or meal preparation, but chances are they may prefer to tackle most of it on their own. Take on an easy, no-bake dessert or fresh salad you prepare beforehand in your suite to contribute to the holiday meal, without adding to your relative’s kitchen chaos. 

2| Relax & Unwind in Your Own Personal Space

Even if your relatives have a large home, it can start feeling small after spending all day together. Booking a nearby extended stay hotel suite gives you a separate, quiet space to unwind after a busy holiday gathering, and offers a welcome break from company without offending your relatives. Unwind comfortably in any of our well-appointed suites, which feature large HDTVs with an expanded TV channel lineup. This much-needed alone time goes a long way for you, but the hosting family will appreciate the downtime, too.

the benefits of extended stay hotels for the holidays

3| Move In & Make It Feel Like Home

If guest space is tight at your relative’s home, you might have trouble finding places to put your things, especially if you’re traveling with kids in tow. Skip the worry of taking over someone’s space and stay in a nearby suite where you can properly unpack and move in. InTown Suites offers plenty of storage spaces throughout the suites so you can pack those extra items without worrying about where to put them. Some of our suites provide additional underbed storage to stow away your luggage, creating more living space during your extended stay. 

4| Stick To Your Routine With Home-Like Amenities

Busy holidays and travel can disrupt your routine quickly. While relatives may mean well, keeping to your preferred morning and evening schedule can be easier in your own private space. InTown Suites’ quiet, home-like suites include single or double beds to make kids’ bedtime and naps smoother and keep their sleep on schedule. The in-room kitchen helps maintain mealtime regimens and healthy eating habits. Keep snacks or sandwich fixings at the ready in the full-size refrigerator, and use the convenient two-burner stove and microwave for preparing quick, easy breakfasts. Check in on work emails and connect kids’ tablets to games or entertainment using the high-speed Wi-Fi in your suite.

5| Choose Your Room & Comfort Level

A relative can offer you only the accommodations they have, which might mean you’re sleeping on their basement’s pull-out couch or in a crowded guest room. Take your comfort into your own hands when you choose an extended-stay hotel that better meets your room preferences and family’s needs. InTown Suites provides a selection of room layouts, with accessible room options as well. All of our suites are fully furnished and provide comfortable seating for downtime, roomy bathrooms to prepare for busy days, and in-room kitchens for making meals. Fine-tune your holiday stay by selecting from our three suite styles

Premium Suites 

These rooms are fully renovated for those spending a little extra time in their own space. Premium suites include upgraded bedding, storage bed frame, brand new kitchen, stylish new furniture, bathroom vanity with medicine cabinet, bathroom shelving and hooks, and even more storage options throughout your living space.

Upgraded Suites 

Upgraded suites include fewer upgrades with new bedding, storage bed frame, built-in closets, medicine cabinet, and bathroom shelving and hooks. 

Traditional Suites

Traditional suites are the most affordable weekly or monthly option.

Whatever InTown Suites room you choose, you’ll be happy to avoid the stress that comes with being a guest in someone’s home. Wake when you want, unpack as you like, and keep your routine without inconveniencing your relatives. Watch our Weekly Offers page to find deals on our extended-stay hotels near your family and make your holiday travel a success.

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