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Hikes Near Salt Lake City

Hikes Near Salt Lake City

There is nothing like getting out in the open air, working up a sweat on a vigorous hike, and having the satisfaction of an amazing view. That’s what you’ll get when you hike in Salt Lake City. We’ve put together our top pics for best hikes near Salt Lake City that will reward you with incredible scenery and out of this world views!

1 | Mount Olympus Trail

Mount Olympus is a vigorous hike due to its steep incline but offers rewarding and beautiful views when you reach the summit. This trail is 6.7 miles looped and trailhead parking is located at 5789 Wasatch Blvd, Holladay, Utah, 84121. Dogs are welcome on this trail.

2 | Grandeur Peak East Trail

Grandeur Peak East Trail offers scenic views of the Salt Lake Valley and though it is a steep hike, it’s one of the moderately difficult peaks to hike. This trail is 6 miles out and back and takes about 3 hours to complete. This trail is dog friendly and allows owners to have their dogs off-leash on odd-numbered days of the month.

3 | Bells Canyon Trailhead

Bells Canyon Trailhead is just shy of 5 miles looped and is a highly trafficked trail. Offering a moderate difficulty for hikers this trail leads to a beautiful watershed with breath-taking views. If you’d like to enjoy some serenity during this hike, head out in the early morning hours. The trailhead begins near 10245 South on Wasatch Blvd. Bells Canyon Trailhead does not allow dogs on the trail or swimming in the watershed.

4 | Ensign Peak Trailhead

Ensign Peak offers the perfect view of the city at dusk. This trail is less than 2 miles out and back. Though it is a highly trafficked trail, it is one of the easier hikes in Salt Lake City with the same rewarding views as some of the more difficult trails. Dogs are welcome on this trailhead.

5 | Willow Lake Trail

Willow Lake Trail is a 2.2-mile loop with an easy to moderate difficulty level for hikers. The views at Willow Lake are divine and watershed itself offers serenity after a brisk hike or run. Dogs are not allowed on this trail.

6 | White Pine Lake Trail

White Pine Lake Trail is for experienced hikers and offers a difficult terrain. This trail is about 10 miles out and back and takes about 5 hours to complete. Of course, the work you put in will be rewarded with wide-open views and the stillness of the great outdoors.

7 | Twin Lakes Trail

Twin Lakes is a 2.5-mile loop offering a moderate difficulty for hikers. The trail takes about 2 hours to complete and tends to be highly trafficked. Twin Lakes trail offers gorgeous views of the watershed with colorful wildflowers during the summer months.

8 | Albion Basin Trail

Albion Basin Trail can be found at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon. This trail is 3.6 miles out and back and is said to have the prettiest wildflowers in Salt Lake City. Albion Basin trail is easy and great for those new to hiking. For the best photo ops get to the end fo the trail just before sunset.

9 | Lake Blanche Trail

Lake Blanch is a difficult 7-mile looped trail for experienced hikers. The views from this mountain-top lake are serene and close by you can enjoy a waterfall too. Dogs are not allowed on this trailhead.

10 | Cecret Lake Trail

Cecret Lake Trail is an easy 1.7-mile out and back trailhead. While it offers picturesque views, vibrant wildflowers, and wandering wildlife throughout the summer months, it’s a highly trafficked trail. This is one trail that is perfect for inexperienced or experienced hikers.

11 | Broads Fork Trail

Broads Fork Trail offers a difficult terrain with rewarding views and a breathtaking waterfall at its end. This trail is vigorous 5 miles out and back and dogs are not allowed. Due to its level of difficulty, Broads Fork Trail is never crowded and offers a peaceful hike.

12 | Circle All Peak

Circle All Peak is a moderately difficult 3-mile out and back trail. This trail winds through the tall aspen trees, around streams, and offers beautiful views of surrounding peaks and watersheds nearby. Summer and fall months are the perfect time to hike Circle All Peak with its wild blooms, plentiful birdwatching, and passing wildlife.

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