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Organization Tips for Short-Term Apartments or Suites

Organization Tips for Short-Term Apartments or Suites

When you’re moving into a short-term apartment or extended stay hotel, organizing your belongings keeps the space from looking cluttered and makes finding things easier. Luckily, InTown Suites extended stay hotels have the basic furnishings you need to make move-in day less stressful, and the right storage options to organize all your essentials, from clothing to toiletries to kitchen necessities. If you’re starting the new year in temporary housing, use these tips to evaluate your setup to get the best use of any tight space.

Pare Down the Items You Bring

When you choose InTown Suites as your temporary housing, you can count on having the basic furnishings you’ll need, whether you’re staying a week, a month, or longer. Make move-in day easier by leaving your television, recliner, and mattress in storage—every InTown suite is outfitted with a large TV, seating, and bedding. Choose clothing that is in season and leave the balance of your wardrobe in storage; choose a realistic quantity of dishes, flatware, and drinkware, such as two place settings rather than six, and bring the kitchen tools you use most. Prioritizing your selections will save space in your suite’s cupboards and drawers so you can more effectively organize what’s most important.

Unpack & Put Away Clothing

Unpacking everything might seem daunting, but leaving some items in your suitcase or boxes can lead to confusion about what is where. Once your baggage is empty, you can tuck it away in a corner or remove it completely rather than wasting valuable floor space. Hang clothing you won’t need every week near the back of your closet and keep your work uniform or other favorite pieces handy. When unpacking undergarments and socks, stack them neatly so they take up less drawer space. If you have multiple pairs of shoes, consider an inexpensive over-the-door hanger for storage so you don’t have a cluttered entry area or closet floor. Use a laundry bag to separate and store dirty clothes. It takes up less room than a hamper and can be hung up out of the way, plus it’s easy to haul to the on-site laundry facility on wash day.

Organize Electronics & Everyday Items

Keys, charging cords, and other small belongings can be misplaced easily if you’re not organized, so make an effort to designate where these items will be kept. Plug in a power strip near a table or drawer where electronics will be stored to simplify charging and keep cords arranged in one area. If you’re in a Premium InTown suite, the lighting with a built-in USB charging station is a great spot for your tablet, phone, and other tech. Place a bowl or tray on your nightstand or bookshelf for your keys, wallet, watch, or other accessories you use daily so you always know where to find them.

Use the Suite Furniture to Your Advantage

When you choose an extended stay hotel, the furniture in your suite provides lots of storage options—take advantage of these to keep surfaces cleared and tidy. Use drawers to hide miscellaneous paper items such as mail and newspapers, and neatly stack movies or books on shelves. The kitchen cupboards will accommodate a selection of cookware, utensils, and dishes. Carefully stacking the plates and bowls and nesting glasses inside one another saves valuable space so your countertops are available for cooking or other tasks. InTown’s Upgraded and Premium Suites include more storage capabilities that may be worth springing for among the in-room amenities. The bathrooms in these suites feature extra cabinet space for toiletries, hooks for your robe and towel, and a shelf for a makeup bag or shaving kit. Use the under-bed storage to stash extra paper products or sheets, and use the built-in closet shelving for other belongings. Each Premium Suite also includes a lift-top coffee table with discreet storage space under the top for keeping small items, paperwork, or books.

Store Loose Items in Bins & Containers

Storage bins or containers are simple tools that make organizing a short-term living area easier. Odds and ends and loose items don’t always stack neatly, but tossing them into small bins can keep them gathered, prevent damage, and preserve valuable space on the table. Select bins with lids for stackable storage that fits on your closet floor or can be arranged in an unused corner. Get double the use out of dresser drawers by using slim bins as dividers. These create sections to separate clothing from other items, such as a first aid supplies or a glasses repair kit, that may not have another intuitive storage location. Keep the cooking utensils you bring in a vertical container on the kitchen counter to keep them handy and to maximize other storage space. If your fridge tends to get messy, use bins to gather condiment bottles and loose snacks.

Moving into temporary housing isn’t easy, but organizing your space can go a long way to making it work for you. With a nicely arranged space, you’ll find room for a framed desk photo or artwork, a house plant, or your favorite books without feeling cluttered or cramped. Find an InTown Suites extended stay location near you to make your next move a smart one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you organize a hotel room?

Organize a hotel room or suite by keeping only relevant items in each area. Use your in-room kitchen to store cooking tools and paper products, keep all toiletries in the bathroom, and confine clothing to the closet and dresser. Unpacking your belongings in the area where you use them most can keep your suite organized and make items easier to find.

How do you organize while living in a hotel?

First make sure everything has a place, and then take time each day to tidy your living areas and put everything away using the organization system you’ve set up. Gather loose items into bins or containers, store electronics in a central location near a charging cord, and designate an area for your keys, wallet, and other everyday items. 

How do you set up a furnished apartment?

Because the furniture is included in a short-term apartment, moving in your personal effects including clothing, dishes, and toiletries is the first step to setting up your space. Next, unpack and find a place to store everything to avoid living out of suitcases or boxes and make your extended stay more comfortable. 

What should be included in a furnished apartment?

Short-term furnished apartments and extended stay suites supply basic furniture including living room seating; a mattress, bed frame, and nightstand; a dresser; and a large TV. Some of InTown Suites’ upgraded furnishings include a lift-top coffee table, lighting with a USB charging station, and a drop-leaf dining table.

How can I make my hotel room more attractive?

Organizing and putting away your belongings will make a hotel room appear more spacious, welcoming, and attractive. When living at an extended stay hotel, focus on designating a place for everything, not only to make finding your belongings easy, but also to keep clutter from piling up on surfaces. 

How do you make a hotel special?

There are a few simple things you can do to make staying at a hotel feel special, including adding personal touches in your suite like framed photos, small houseplants, or decorative kitchen towels.

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