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7 Holiday Travel Tips

7 Holiday Travel Tips


But fear not, because your friends at InTown Suites have rounded up a few important tips to help you survive travel during the holiday season.

Bring snacks.

We’re all familiar with the term ‘hangry’ – and while it may seem silly, most of us know its effects all too well! Avoid the crankiness that comes from hunger and instead head on your travels prepared with enough food and water for yourself and the family to stay fueled and content. If you’re taking a roadtrip, brush up on these 9 healthy snack ideas and where to find them on the road.

Have a backup plan.

If you’re driving, the days immediately before or after the holiday are typically very busy for traffic. If possible, have a backup route planned so that no matter where you’re going, you’ll have alternative route options should traffic become too heavy for any reason.

Deal with gifts beforehand.

No matter your mode of transportation, lugging gifts around is never pleasant. Instead of trying to pack them in your luggage for the plane, train, or car, you’ll thank yourself later if you simply ship gifts to their destination ahead of time. If you must bring gifts with you, try to only travel with small, light gifts that won’t be easily damaged in transit. (Check out our gift ideas for the frequent traveler for a few ideas).

Tune out.

We get it – sometimes, you just need a break. Regardless of how you’re traveling this holiday season, make sure you’re equipped with a few essentials to help you tune out for a few moments and embrace your inner zen. From noise cancelling headphones, to playlists chock full of your favorite lighthearted tunes, take a few minutes’ break to reset.

Make sure the car is up to snuff.

Holidays can be stressful enough without having to worry about something like a car breakdown, a flat tire, and so on. Before you’re ready to hit the road this holiday season, be sure to run through this helpful pre-road trip checklist to help ensure smooth sailing when you depart. And don’t forget to ensure the car is fully stocked with these 15 essential things to keep in your car.

Be flexible.

When you’re traveling at such a busy time of the year, you have to more or less expect the unexpected. Whether that be delays, adverse weather, or any other number of things that could impact your travel schedule, you have to expect and be okay with changes in plans. It’s all part of the experience!

Use the many tools at your disposal.

There’s just something about a road trip that says “quality time.” But just because you’re kicking it “old school” by hitting the road, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a little bit of modern technology to enhance the experience (in fact, we think you should!). To help along the way – with everything from getting directions to finding the best places to fill up the gas tank – we’ve rounded up the 10 best travel apps for your next road trip.

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