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9 Healthy Snack Ideas (& Where to Find Them) On The Road

9 Healthy Snack Ideas (& Where to Find Them) On The Road

Eating healthy when you’re on the road doesn’t always seem like the easiest thing, yet most people aspire to do it. Not only will healthy snacking keep you energized and alert during your travels, but smart planning will also save you money in the long run.

So before you depart on your travels, spend a little bit of time planning out some of the snack options you have in advance, so you’re less likely to grab that muffin or burger when you feel those hunger pangs.

At the Gas Station

Chips and chocolate aren’t the only things you’ll find at the roadside gas station. Stop early on in your travels to stock up before you get hungry. Pick up a few of these reliable snacks, including:

  • Fruit – often gas stations stock fresh bananas, oranges, or apples
  • Sandwiches – check the cold case for fresh, daily-made deli sandwiches. Often gas stations will stock a variety of sandwiches including deli meat, egg, or vegetable varieties
  • Trailmix – nuts and dried fruit are an excellent source of vitamins, proteins, and healthy fats. Scan the aisle for a bag with the least-processed ingredients available

At the Drive-Thru

At many restaurants, fast food has come a long way in terms of options and variety for sourcing a healthier meal or snack option. When you’re on the road, swing by the closest drive-thru and examine the menu for things like:

  • Fruit & yogurt cups – a perfect option morning, noon, or night, yogurt and berries are always fresh and satisfying. Get your fill of fibre, calcium, and more
  • Salads – salads are an excellent option when traveling, and you have control over the portions that are less-healthy, like dressing type and quantity, protein source, added vegetables, and so on
  • Wraps – chicken, turkey, or veggie wraps (think quesadillas) are commonly offered at fast food joints today, and they typically have grilled options instead of fried, as well as higher vegetable content, making a much healthier snack or meal option for the road

At the Drug or Department Store

If you find yourself in a small town or city off the highway, stop in to a drugstore or department store and enjoy a wide variety of snacking options. Take a look for a few travel staples, including:

  • Granola bars – the perfect, compact snack that allows you to enjoy a few servings of whole grains, fruit and protein, depending on the variety
  • Fruit cups – from pineapple, to peaches, pears and more, there are all kinds of premade fruit cups that make a delicious snack when on the road. Just grab a spoon and enjoy!
  • Rice cakes & peanut butter – fuel up on protein with this simple (and inexpensive) snack idea

Happy snacking!

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