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Cities to Visit in the New Year

Cities to Visit in the New Year: 2021 Edition

As 2021 approaches and travel plans are being made, we have compiled a list of cities to visit in the new year. Each has its own history, culture, and adventure to explore.  Remember as you plan your vacation to take all necessary precautions to keep you and your family safe. No matter where you end […] Read More
Best Ski Towns: Salt Lake City vs Denver

Best Ski Towns: Salt Lake City vs Denver

If you and your family are planning on hitting the slopes this winter, we have created a simple guide to help you choose which ski town is the best for you. Most would agree that two of the best ski towns in America are Salt Lake City, Utah and Denver, Colorado. Both are located in […] Read More
Budget Travel Tips for the Holidays

Budget Travel Tips For The Holidays

Planning and traveling during this holiday season can be challenging with the recent health concerns of COVID-19. But even without those concerns, traveling can be stressful for you and your wallet. But, it doesn’t have to! We’ve put together this guide of budget-friendly travel tips for the holidays. They will help you to not only […] Read More
Spend A Week In Beautiful Historic Charleston

How To Spend A Week In Charleston

Planning a trip to Charleston is almost like planning a trip out of the country –with its historic downtown, cobblestone streets, nearby beaches, and so much more! If you’re looking to plan a getaway or vacation, we’ve put together a week-long worth of activities and things to do for the perfect Charleston visit. Boutiques and […] Read More
Thanksgiving Dinner Anyone Can Make In An Extended Stay Kitchen

10 Thanksgiving Recipes Anyone Can Make In Their Extended Stay Kitchen

When most people think about cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, they think of hours and hours in the oven. But what if you don’t have an oven at your disposal? Does that mean no traditional Thanksgiving dinner?  Not at all! We’ve put together 10 Thanksgiving recipes anyone can make in their extended stay kitchen […] Read More
Straight road on a western road trip

Western Road Trip

Have you ever taken a road trip across America? It can be one of the most fun and freeing experiences, just rolling down the freeway, windows down, wind in your hair, and nothing but an adventure in front of you. We’ve put together (what we think)  the best road trip out west, one that’s filled […] Read More
Temporary Housing in Charlotte Skyline

Temporary Housing in Charlotte

There is much to consider when looking for temporary housing in Charlotte like the time commitment to a lease, a leasing contract, and a background check. But finding a temporary place to live doesn’t have to come with all the hassle when you stay at InTown Suites in Charlotte. All our suites at InTown have […] Read More
Short Term Rentals Chicago River Skyline

Short Term Rentals Chicago

In a bustling city like Chicago, short terms rentals can be hard to come by, not too mention pricey as well. If you’re looking for a short term rental in the Chicago area without getting tied up in a complicated lease or agreement, turn to InTown Suites. InTown Suites offers apartment-like suites with uncomplicated, low […] Read More
Snowbirds stroll Jacksonville FL Beach

Safe, Social Distancing, Snowbird Activities in Jacksonville, FL

Snowbirds flock from northern states down to the south to enjoy the warmer fall/winter weather and the beautiful beaches. The average weather for Jacksonville from October through February ranges in the low 60s to the high 70s. It’s the perfect area to still be able to enjoy outdoor activities while socially distancing. We’ve put together […] Read More
Short Term Rentals Dallas Downtown Skyline

Short Term Rentals Dallas

InTown Suites offers short-term rentals in Dallas, TX now featuring our comfortable and modern Premium suites. All of our renovated rooms are fully furnished including in-room kitchens and dining areas.  No Contracts Skip the hassle of finding a short-term rental where you inevitably have to sign a lease and typically put down a large security […] Read More