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Celebrate Father’s Day at InTown Suites

Celebrate Father’s Day at InTown Suites

Dads don’t get enough credit. From their corny jokes to questionable fashion choices, they’re down for a good laugh and know just how to cheer you up. This Father’s Day, why not show dad just how important he is to you. Of course, he deserves a top of the line grill, but here at InTown Suites we know dad would be just as happy to receive a thoughtful gift from the heart. Whether you’re celebrating this Father’s Day at home or at one of InTown’s Extended Stay accommodations, our staff has got a great round up of easy, affordable Father’s Day gift ideas to show dad just how cool he is.

One gift every dad is sure to enjoy is more time. Whether that be more quality time together or just a quiet moment alone to read the paper, he’ll be sure to enjoy this perfectly tailored present. Invest some time exploring one of your dad’s favorite hobbies: go for a drive, knock around a few balls at a batting cage, or find a nearby event to attend together. Liz M. of our Jacksonville/Baymeadows (YJF) Extended Stay recommends bringing grape-loving dads to nearby Lakeridge Winery for a complimentary tour of the production area, vineyards, and tasting of up to six different wines.

Dad’s got a long “Honey Do” list, but this Father’s Day, why not let him recline in his favorite chair while you tackle some of that pesky list of chores. Let dad commandeer the remote while you get your hands dirty. Mow the lawn, wash and wax his car, and maybe even tackle that cluttered garage or shed. Fetch him his favorite snack, hand him a cold one, and let dad enjoy some quiet time in front of the TV.

Not all gifts need to be wrapped. Apps are a quick, affordable and great gift to give dad that can be quite practical. Is dad a bibliophile? Sign dad up for a subscription service like Texture, Audible, or even his favorite newspaper and let him enjoy having something to read at his fingertips, wherever he goes. Into music? Buy dad an iTunes gift card or set him up on Spotify and let him rock out 24/7. Games, sports, life-hacks—there’s no limit when it comes to finding a helpful app dad will love.

Dad’s worn a tie made of macaroni before, so we know he’ll be thrilled no matter what you get him. That being said, there are some great personalized homemade gifts that we know dad will get more use out of and will genuinely love.

Whether dad rocks a beard, mustache or a close shave, we all know his skin can you use some TLC. Dad may not like to fuss a lot with his look, but skincare doesn’t need to be complicated, and luckily making it isn’t either. Grab some small glass jars, bottles, and labels from your nearest dollar store and take stock of your pantry supplies. With a few extras like shea butter and essential oils, everyday olive, coconut, and grapeseed oils can be transformed into this sumptuous Pre-Shave Oil and this heavenly Rosemary Mint Shave Cream.

While at the dollar store, why not pick up a simple frame for the kids to bedazzle for dad and showcase their favorite photo together. Nadia S. of our Houston Northwest/Cy-Fair (XHW) Extended Stay property recommends grabbing some cleaned popsicle sticks and letting the kids paint each one to glue to a frame. It’s a simple gesture that lets everyone showcase their artistic skills and is something dad will keep for years to come.

Whether on vacation or staying a little longer, our Extended Stay Locations have all the amenities you need to share a simple, homemade Father’s Day with loved ones.