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Tips To Save Money on Longer Hotel Stays

Tips To Save Money on Longer Hotel Stays

Saving money on extended stay hotels is one of the easiest ways to make your next business trip or vacation an affordable, enjoyable experience. Expenses incurred during longer hotel stays can add up fast if you aren’t careful, but by making a few frugal choices in lodging, dining, and entertainment, you can save money without sacrificing necessities.

Rather than worrying about how much a long trip out of town will cost you, book affordable, practical accommodations designed for extended stays. We’ve got some excellent strategies to keep meals and entertainment within your budget to save money during trips and work assignments, or when relocating to a new city. Read on for more tips on choosing lodging for longer hotel stays.

Book Longer Stays at Extended Stay Hotels

The best way to save money while staying in a hotel is to book your lodging at an extended stay property, because the rooms are offered at reasonable weekly and monthly rates and the in-room amenities help cut costs on dining and entertainment. If you’re looking for temporary housing, extended stay hotels bridge the gap between a motel and an apartment, providing comfortable accommodations for any length of stay, without a credit check or lease.

Because InTown Suites rooms include furniture, utilities, and lodging in one convenient bill, a bulk of your living expenses are paid up front, making it easier to manage your money. Saving money on extended stay hotels with budget-friendly rates means you can afford staying on vacation for longer, and the studio-style suites are designed with comfort and convenience in mind to make your visit easy and enjoyable. Select a fully renovated Premium Suite at InTown to enjoy your long stay even more thanks to the inviting, comfortable suite that includes more storage, new appliances, and updated furnishings throughout.

Are Hotels Cheaper if You Stay Longer?

You may find that extended stay hotels offer a cheaper per-night rate if you stay longer, but the season, room type, and length of stay can affect the cost savings.

Reserve Rooms Directly With the Hotel Property

Deciding where to stay while traveling usually comes down to the price. Many people spend loads of time searching for coupons and deals to cut lodging costs, but what these travelers may not realize is that booking directly with the property is an easy way to save money on extended stay hotels. InTown Suites’ best rate guarantee helps anyone booking directly get the lowest weekly or monthly rate. When you aren’t overpaying for the room, you can afford staying in a hotel longer.

Take Advantage of Accommodations Offerings

Airline baggage fees and rental cars are areas to save money while traveling; when your accommodations include on-site laundry, you can pack less and choose a more economical luggage size or vehicle, cutting extra costs. The convenience of on-site laundry facilities at extended stay hotels also means you won’t need to derail your day’s itinerary to get to the local laundromat.

Plus, Wi-Fi access and an expanded TV channel lineup help guests save money on recreation while staying in a hotel. A staycation in your suite or movie night in is cheaper than going out, and you can still enjoy theater-style popcorn fresh out of the microwave. The Wi-Fi access also takes the stress out of finding budget-friendly entertainment or discounted tourist attractions nearby. Research museums with free family days, and purchase tickets in advance for events to get discounts. When you use the Wi-Fi in your suite, you’ll avoid costly mobile data overage fees and save money on entertainment while traveling.

Cook Meals in Your Suite

When you choose an extended stay hotel with an in-room kitchen like InTown Suites offers, you can easily save money on food during your stay by preparing meals and dining in your room. Not only is it cheaper to cook meals in your suite’s kitchen than going out to eat, but you can make healthier meals too. Visit the local grocery store and buy what’s in season and on sale to keep your food budget in check. The kitchen in each suite at InTown includes a two-burner stovetop, microwave, and a full-size refrigerator with plenty of space for fresh food and snacks, leftovers, medications, or anything else that needs to stay cool.

Stay in a Metro Area

Location matters when you’re trying to save money while staying in a hotel and thankfully, you’ll find InTown Suites properties in convenient metro areas near plenty of affordable retailers. Populated cities and suburbs offer travelers choices for restaurants, entertainment, and necessity stores so everyone can find what they need within their budget. Public transport is readily available, so you can choose a commuter bus or cab, and walkable cities make it easy to venture out without paying anything.

Saving money on longer hotel stays shouldn’t require extra hassle or jumping through hoops. Find an InTown Suites Extended Stay Hotel in your next travel destination to enjoy affordable accommodations for a week, month, or more. For extra savings, watch our weekly offers to snag a deal on your next long hotel stay.

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