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Celebrating Thanksgiving in an Extended Stay Hotel

Celebrating Thanksgiving in an Extended Stay Hotel

Thanksgiving is almost here, and it’s time to get ready for a day of tasty food and moments with loved ones. From sharing a meal to watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, you can have a great time celebrating Thanksgiving in an extended stay hotel like InTown Suites. Get in the spirit with these tips and tricks for an unforgettable Thanksgiving celebration!

Make a Meal

Use your in-room kitchen at InTown Suites to create a delicious Thanksgiving meal, no oven required! With a two-burner stove top, microwave, and full-size refrigerator, you can put together an impressive Thanksgiving meal in your extended stay hotel.

Though the idea of presenting a whole turkey feels like a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, the cost and time associated with cooking an entire turkey can be a challenge if you’re on a budget or don’t want to spend your day in the kitchen. Switch it up with pan-braised turkey legs, a simpler alternative that just requires your stovetop.

Looking for the classic flavors of Thanksgiving, like mac and cheese and sweet potato casserole? Check out these 10 recipes you can make in your extended stay hotel room!

Tip: Seasonal fruits and vegetables are often the most affordable, like pumpkins and squash, artichokes, sweet potatoes, and brussels sprouts. Incorporate fresh veggies into your Thanksgiving meal for tasty pops of color!

Get Crafty

Celebrate Thanksgiving in your extended stay hotel room at InTown Suites by adding fall decor. A little bit of autumnal color can go a long way, and you can even go the extra mile by creating the decor yourself. Remember making hand turkeys as a kid? It’s time to bring back that craft!

Gather your supplies: paper for a background, paint in fall colors (brown, yellow, orange, red), crayons or markers for details.

Get crafting: cover your palm in brown paint and each finger in a different “feather” color. Press your hand onto the background paper, being careful not to smear when you lift your hand.

Let the paint dry, and use your crayons or markers to add your turkey’s unique details, starting with an eye and beak on your thumb print!

Once you’ve added the final touches to your turkeys, the full-size refrigerator in the kitchen makes the perfect place to display them and bring fall color to your space.

Make Traditions

People across the globe tune in on Thanksgiving morning to watch coverage and live footage from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. Your room at InTown Suites features an HDTV with an expanded channel lineup, which means you’ll be able to find live coverage of the parade on one of the many news stations that broadcasts it. Turn it on and watch while you prepare your Thanksgiving meal!

If you like to get active, sign up for a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot! Turkey Trots are popular Thanksgiving races. Whether you run, walk, or cheer from the sidelines, a Turkey Trot is a fun Thanksgiving tradition to take part in with your family.

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving if you didn’t give thanks – so bring your family around the table and take turns highlighting the things you’re most thankful for. This sounds a little cheesy, but you can have fun with this tradition! See who can come up with the funniest thing to be grateful for, and enjoy laughter around the table with your group.

No matter how you choose to spend Thanksgiving this year, InTown Suites has over 200 locations in cities all over the United States so you can celebrate in comfortable, affordable accommodations wherever you are. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at InTown Suites!

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