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Exploring Austin’s Food Truck Scene

Exploring Austin’s Food Truck Scene

In the past couple of years, there has been an explosion of food trucks around the country. Food trucks provide fast and inexpensive, yet delicious meals to urbanites. While you can now find food trucks in nearly every city, from Albany, to Yuma, Austin is still one of the food truck capitals of the USA.

In Austin, you can find over 1000 food trucks driving/parked around. Many of the owners are passionate about food and love to cook, and instead of spending thousands of dollars on opening a restaurant, they’ve decided to take their delicious foods to the streets. Here are 5 of our favorite food trucks worth tracking down in Austin, Texas.

  1. Guac N’ Roll
    The perfect truck for any guacamole lover. Guac N’ Roll serves up a variety of guacamole with chips and salsa, along with a few other Mexican dishes. What makes this spot special is that each order of guacamole is made to order – it doesn’t get much fresher than that. All of their food is vegan but trust us, you won’t miss the meat. Planning on catching the game back on the TV in your room? Buy the Big Box Guac and bring it back with you to InTown Suites.
  2. Mmmpanadas
    Mmmpanadas are bringing empanadas, the South American pastry, to Austin, Texas. The food truck makes traditional-style Argentinian empanadas filled with minced beef and onions, and they’ve also created their own delicious takes on the pastry. Some of their popular flavors include ham and cheese, and green chili chicken. They also make some delicious dessert empanadas, we love the peach cobbler.
  3. Kerlin BBQ
    Texas is world renowned for its delicious BBQ, so it’s no wonder that one of our favorite food trucks is serving up some of the best BBQ in town. The menu is small, mostly beef and pork (we almost always order the brisket), along with a few classic sides like beans and coleslaw. Trust us, you’ll keep coming back for more!
  4. CoolHaus
    We’re rounding out this list with dessert! CoolHaus is so cool because they are a food truck serving up artisanal cookies and ice-cream. The idea might sound a little plain Jane, but their flavor combinations make them anything but. Some unusual, but delicious flavors include Thai Tea, Spicy Pineapple Cilantro, and Bourbon Pecan Pie.

Which Austin food trucks will you be eating at when you visit Austin?

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