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5 Tips for Planning Group Travel

5 Tips for Planning Group Travel

While it may sound challenging, planning group travel for a business is not only possible, but when thoughtfully organized and executed will give your employees everything they need to make the trip a success. InTown Suites offers extended stay locations in 22 states to provide affordable group travel for any traveling workforce. Use these tips to plan budget-friendly yet comfortable, convenient accommodations for staff working on a lengthy project or temporary assignment.

1. Determine Optimal Travel Dates for the Group

If your group is not traveling for a specific event or meeting, take the time to consider a variety of travel dates to choose the best options to travel for open-ended training or temporary project assignments. Not only will this save you from paying inflated airline fees that spike during peak travel times, but it can increase the likelihood there will be availability for the entire crew at one extended stay property. Also follow the news to avoid extreme weather or peak travel times, and inquire with the hotel about weekly specials and discounts during your group’s arrival window.

2. Find Accommodations That Offer Group Bookings

Simplify group travel payments and hotel reservations by selecting a property that offers a group travel program. Appoint a project manager to make the arrangements for everyone to save time and  hassle later. Not only does this reduce errors and streamline the process, but it helps ensure billing is correct. InTown Suites’ corporate travel offers direct bill online accounts and invoicing to make booking and payments easier. You can also realize savings by booking group accommodations for a week- or month-long stay.

3. Choose an Extended Stay Hotel for Groups

When employees will be living in the destination city for a week or longer, an extended stay hotel can provide the suite amenities they need without prompting them—or you—to overspend. Being distanced from friends and family can be overwhelming and distracting for your employees, so providing each staff member with a fully furnished suite where they feel comfortable can help them get the rest they need to remain productive during business hours. InTown Suites extended stay hotels are a great option for group travel because they provide:

  • A selection of suite styles to balance staff needs and the corporate budget 
  • Comfortable seating and bedding for extra comfort during downtime
  • An in-room kitchen so health-conscious travelers, early birds, and night owls can bring what they need to prepare home-cooked meals or store leftovers
  • Access to Wi-Fi so everyone can work on shared documents or make video calls to family without paying extraordinary roaming or data costs

4. Select a Convenient Extended Stay Hotel Location

Consider the hotel’s location to be a top factor when booking group travel. InTown Suites offers many properties so you can make reservations near the metro, close to the airport, or in places with easy access to freeways and public transportation. A convenient home base reduces the stress of commuting in an unknown city and can help keep employees focused on the job or project. 

5. Schedule Breaks & Downtime

Group dynamics and travel can be tricky to balance, so make sure you schedule breaks and downtime in the itinerary and provide accommodations that make privacy possible. A great way to do this is to select an extended stay hotel to give individuals their own dedicated spaces to relax.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of group travel? 

Besides sharing the joy of the experience with others, group travel can save you money by splitting expenses such as transportation and accommodations, and you will likely find discounts on airfare, hotel reservations, and shuttle services when booked together.

What is the best hotel group to plan travel with? 

The best hotels for group travel feature a selection of suite styles with practical amenities to make everyone’s extended stay more comfortable while remaining on budget.

How many people are considered a group for travel?

When 10 or more people travel together, most tour companies and destinations consider them a group, but this designation can vary by hotel brand and airline. To know how many travelers are required to receive a group discount, always check with the company prior to booking to ensure you receive the best rate.

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