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Home Office Hacks For Your Suite At InTown

Home Office Hacks For Your Suite At InTown

Working remotely from InTown Suites? You’ll have a great remote office foundation with the work station and desk in your suite. Add these home office hacks listed below to make your suite the perfect workspace!

Organize Your Cords

Cords can quickly become tangled, get lost, or make your workspace look messy. To help with your cord organization, buy some bread! No seriously, the twisty ties and plastic bread ties from bread are great to reuse for your cords! The twisty ties can help keep cords untangled by winding access cord and tying them together. Use the plastic bread ties to label each cord at the base where they plug into an electrical outlet.

Chargers & Other Wire Hack

A home office hack that most people don’t know is the binder clip hack! If you have extra chargers, attachments for your computer, or headphones you can clip a binder clip to the side of your desk and use it to catch your cords. The binder clip will hold the head of the attachment so you don’t constantly have to bend down to plug your charger or USB cord back into your computer.

Keep Your Monitor Eye Level

When you’re working remotely, you don’t always have the luxury of bringing everything from your office with you and buying a monitor stand every time you travel can get pricey. Grab an empty box that is smaller than the size of your desk and use it to prop your monitor up higher. Having your monitor or laptop eye level will help prevent any neck or back discomfort you may get when sitting and working remotely for long periods of time.

Recycled Pencil/Supply Holders

Your desk can become cluttered quickly with pencils, push pins, and other small office supplies. One of our favorite office hacks is to recycle tin cans, mason jars, and spice shakers into office supply holders. Paint them all a solid color for a modest and clean aesthetic or get crafty and decorate them.

Keep Your Workspace Tidy

Keeping your workspace tidy and organized will help you stay focused and keep your remote workspace separate from your living space. The Dollar Tree has every size box and basket to keep your pencils, papers, etc in order and they’re all just $1 each! Some of our favorites include the stack & nest plastic bins and the stackable plastic paper trays.

Optimizing Your Comfort

Make your remote work life a little more comfortable by adding a cushion to your chair. You may not be able to bring your ultra-comfy office chair from home but it doesn’t mean you have to suffer. You can just grab an extra pillow of your bed for lower back support or purchase an inexpensive foam cushion for your seat.

Another great home office hack to add comfort to your workspace is making your own wrist rest. Typing or using your mouse all day can definitely cause some discomfort and stiffness in your wrists, but it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank for support. Take a bag of store-bought rice, fill a clean tube sock, tie off the end, and óila you have a homemade wrist rest! You can even throw it in the microwave to warm it up for added comfort.

Looking for a place to stay during business or corporate travel? We’ve got you covered at InTown Suites.

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