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How to Downsize Before a Move

How to Downsize Before a Move

Moving can be exciting, daunting, happy, yet at times stressful. It’s no doubt a time consuming process that requires some planning and organization if you want things to go as smoothly as possible. If the thought of transporting endless amounts of stuff has got you down, keep this one trick up your sleeve: downsizing.

Sure, sorting things and making decisions on what to keep, toss, donate, and so on is a bit of work, but trust us, it is so worth it! Moving is the perfect opportunity to pare down your possessions so you’re only moving the things you truly want and need. Read on for our tips on how to downsize before a move.

1. Sift through electronics.

We’re all guilty of stashing old electronics «just in case,» but your upcoming move is the time to get rid of cell phones with broken screens, excess chargers, broken laptops, old headphones, and so on. Why spend the effort packing and moving these? Find an electronic recycling program and get rid of them!

2. Consider your new space.

Be sure to take your new square footage into consideration: do you have bulky or excess furniture that won’t fit in the new space? Are you going from a home with three bedrooms to one with two? Keep these things in mind as you sort your belongings. Determine which pieces of furniture and other large items will fit in the new space, then sell or give away what you won’t have room for.

3. Get rid of the duplicates.

This includes the «just in case» items, too! Holding onto old bed sheets «just in case,» or a tote of old clothing «in case» you decide you want to wear them someday? This is your chance. Ditch it now! See if you can find a nearby drop-off for textile recycling, or donate any gently-used items to charities or second-hand stores.

4. Involve the family.

Some things have different meanings for various family members. You don’t want to move a box of toys only to find out later the kids don’t want them. (And on the flip side, you also don’t want to toss their favorites if they hold sentimental value). Avoid any unnecessary complications by starting early and involving the whole family in making decisions about which of their belongings are coming, being donated, and so on.

5. Do some research.

There’s plenty of information out there that’ll help you be as prepared for your move as possible. Take a look at some of our moving tips and articles:

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