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Seasonal Cooking: Making Cozy Dishes on a Budget

Seasonal Cooking: Making Cozy Dishes on a Budget

Ahh, fall. The leaves are turning brilliant colors, the temperature is cooling off, and the season’s harvest brings a bounty of farm fresh goodness. So how can you take advantage of autumn’s delicious offering without busting your budget? We’ve got some tips for creating simple, satisfying meals using fresh fall ingredients everyone will love.

There’s so much great food in season this time of year; especially hearty root veggies and nutrient-dense greens. Take your pick from cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, and cranberries—and those are just the C’s! Kale, potatoes, pumpkins, radishes, and spinach are also in season, plus a ton of other veggies.

Fresh produce is often the most affordable. Check out a local farmers’ market to support local producers, or sign up for a farm share program. You’ll get fruits and veggies delivered every week, which means one less trip to the grocery store, plus it’s easy to split between family and friends. Also, most farm share programs provide free recipes to make the most of your fall haul.

Now that you’re sufficiently stocked up, it’s time to meal plan! There are plenty of one-pot meals that you can easily make in your InTown Suite’s fully-equipped kitchen. Take a look at some of our top picks:

Creamy Spinach Lentils
Lentils are a cost-effective kitchen staple. This recipe combines them with carrots, onions, celery, and spinach in a creamy broth that will warm you up as winter approaches.

Crockpot Cider Beef Stew
Standard chili gets a fall twist with added pumpkin in this hearty recipe. This version is vegetarian, but you can definitely add ground beef, chicken, or turkey (it is fall after all).

Mushroom and Swiss Chard Pasta
No need to boil pasta in a separate pot. This flavorful recipe uses vegetable or chicken stock to cook the pasta along with all the other ingredients.

You just can’t beat coming home to a meal that’s already cooked. Here are a few slow cooker ideas for main dishes that make for great leftovers. Plus, the ease of using a crockpot means you can make these stick-to-the-ribs meal anywhere, even in your InTown Suite.

Crockpot Cider Beef Stew
Tangi R from InTown’s Nashville/Madison (YNT) Extended Stay swears by this hearty stew recipe from The Spruce. This fall classic gets an extra burst of flavor with the addition of juicy chopped apple and sweet apple cider, along with carrots, potatoes, onions, and waistline saving lean beef.

Whole Chicken
Just three ingredients combine to make delicious chicken that tastes like it roasted for hours. The liquid that’s leftover makes for awesome broth. 

Cranberry Pork Loin
Don’t wait until Thanksgiving dinner to get into the cranberry sauce. This pork loin recipe is just the thing to get you excited for fall.

It can be challenging to eat well when you’re on the road and not in the comfort of your own kitchen, but our properties can help you create a taste of home life. InTown Suites’ extended stay properties offer affordable accommodations in convenient locations.