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Shipt Delivery

Shipt Delivery

“I just LOVE spending all my time in the grocery store!” said no one ever. No one loves spending their time picking their groceries, standing in line at the register, loading them in their car, and making the drive all the way home. It’s a time suck and nowadays we are all looking to save a little time. That’s where Shipt Delivery comes in!

Shipt Delivery is a mobile app that makes grocery shopping (or shopping in general) convenient. Instead of spending your time meandering the grocery store or big box stores like Target or Costco, you simply order virtually and everything is delivered right to your door, even if you’re staying at one of our extended stay hotels!

Yes, it’s that simple. Just download the app, select your location, select which store or stores you’d like to purchase from, and your personal Shipt shopper (yes a REAL person) makes your purchases for you and delivers them too. What a time saver.

And in light of our current global health concerns, using Shipt Delivery is a convenient way to maintain social distancing during COVID-19.

What if the store doesn’t have something on my list?

No, problem! Your Shipt shopper will message you, let you know if they are out of a particular item and offer a suggested replacement.

What if I forget something?

Don’t worry about it! Just message your Shipt shopper and they will be happy to add it to your Shipt delivery.

How fast does Shipt deliver?

Your delivery will be made within an hour of the scheduled time you choose. Your personal Shipt shopper is available whenever the store you choose is open.

What stores does Shipt deliver from?

Shipt works with local stores and national retailers to bring you what you need. Simply update your location within the app and see what stores are nearby.

Do I need to be available at the time of my Shipt delivery?

Yes, be sure to be available when it’s time for your grocery delivery. If you are not at home or your hotel room your Shipt shopper will call you directly.

Do Shipt shoppers come into your home?

It all depends on your request. If you would rather your Shipt shopper leave your groceries at your door, they will do just that.

Is there a fee to use Shipt Delivery?

Shipt offers a 2-week trial. After your trial is over there is a $14/monthly membership fee. If you spend $35 or more you are not charged a delivery fee. If you spend less than $35 you will be charged a delivery fee around $7.

Download the app now to get your grocery order started today and one less item for you to check off your to-do list!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, just give your Shipt shopper your room information and they will deliver right to your door.

Yes, as long as the store you choose is open during evening hours. Your Shipt shopper is available whenever your local stores are open.

No, you will need to be in your room to receive your delivery. Otherwise, your Shipt shopper will call you to ask how to complete your delivery.