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Stow & Go Rates From InTown Suites

Stow & Go Rates From InTown Suites

Don’t miss out on InTown’s unique Stow & Go opportunity. If you’re just hearing about Stow & Go, this article will help explain what it is, its benefits, and examples of customers using it in the past.  

What is Stow & Go?

Stow & Go is a unique offering from InTown Suites that allows guests to hold their room for a selected period of time while they’re out of town for a few days.  

Benefits of Stow & Go 

Stow & Go allows our guests to reserve their room for a fraction of the normal nightly rate. Rather than paying the full price like at other hotels, InTown reserves our guest’s accommodations and offers a significantly lower rate while they’re away. Another benefit of Stow & Go in select cities is the ability for guests to keep maintain tax-exempt status or resident status while they’re away. In addition, InTown respects our guest’s needs and allows them to keep their belongings in the room during their leave. It’s as simple as packing the essentials and heading out.   

How Customers Have Previously Used Stow & Go 

In the past, guests have greatly appreciated our Stow & Go offer. Travelers have especially taken advantage of this during the holiday season. It’s no surprise that the holidays are a popular time to be with family, so here at InTown, we urge our guests to travel stress-free for that special time of the year. However, Stow & Go isn’t limited to the holiday season. Travelers will use our promotion for trips like; taking a vacation, visiting family, or maybe just leaving town for a few days. With our Stow & Go offer guests can avoid the hassle of expensive rates while they’re away. 


Rates do vary property to property so we recommend contacting the property for availability and details. Guests do not have access to room while on Stow & Go. Offer based on availability and may be canceled at any time.

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