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Temporary Housing at Affordable Weekly & Monthly Rates

Temporary Housing at Affordable Weekly & Monthly Rates

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InTown Suites strikes the ideal balance between an apartment and a hotel, offering affordable lodging for extended periods. An apartment willing to forego a long lease term and credit check can be difficult to find, and renting a hotel for a month is costly even if you choose an economy brand. InTown Suites has 196 extended stay locations across 22 states, with a selection of suite styles at each to provide apartment-style living at budget-friendly weekly and monthly rates. Whether you’re experiencing hardship, you’re part of a traveling workforce, or you’re looking to relocate but haven’t yet secured permanent housing, consider our uncomplicated, credit-free rental process and furnished efficiency units before booking a traditional hotel or renting a furnished apartment in your destination city.

Choosing a Hotel for a Long-Term Stay

When you need long-term lodging, your first instinct might be to look for an economy hotel with monthly rates, but first, consider the advantages of choosing an extended stay hotel. InTown Suites offers an easier check-in process with the convenience of online renewal, and a guaranteed low rate. Unlike most hotels, we will accept cash payments and won’t put a burdensome hold on your credit card, tying up funds and stretching your finances. We’ve eliminated the unnecessary extras that a conventional hotel builds into their room rates, like a 24-hour desk clerk, in-room mini toiletries, mandatory technology or resort fees, and daily housekeeping—not only does this help keep our rates low, it makes your experience feel more like home than a hotel.

Leasing InTown Suites Apartment-Style Housing for a Short-Term Stay

When you’re in a bind and need housing for a week or month, you might consider leasing an apartment, but if flexibility is important, InTown Suites is a better solution. Apartment rentals, even for short-term periods, can be costly and require a credit check, first-and-last deposit, utility transfer fees, and locking into a lease. You likely have enough stress while you transition to a new city, start your new job, or navigate a hardship, so let InTown Suites give you the break and peace of mind you need: You can pay with cash when you need to, and all utilities and in-room amenities are included, so there won’t be unexpected bills headed your way. Our online renewal process makes it easy to pay as you extend your stay so you won’t be locked into a long commitment if your circumstances change.

Renting Temporary, Furnished Housing via InTown Suites

Where furnishings in conventional hotel rooms and apartments fall short, InTown Suites excels. A typical budget hotel won’t include an in-room kitchen, the small refrigerator size isn’t practical for daily living, and the bed will quickly become your all-in-one entertainment, dining, and gathering space. An affordable, fully furnished apartment won’t be easy to secure, and buying what you need can impose additional financial strain. Our rooms are furnished to provide home-like accommodations for anyone seeking a short term rental. When dining out and paying for outside entertainment aren’t feasible, you’ll be glad to have in-room amenities. Our suites are move-in ready when you arrive, with a Triple Checked Clean promise—simply bring your personal items, and you’re all set.

InTown Suites Offers Fully Furnished Rentals

Because no two guests are the same, we’re happy to offer a variety of floor plans and furniture to suit a single occupant or a family looking for a weekly or monthly stay. Discover which of our InTown Suites’ three fully furnished room styles works for you—traditional, upgraded, or premium. We offer one- and two-bed options, and these standard offerings:

  • In-room kitchen with full-size refrigerator, microwave, and two-burner stove
  • Full-size bathroom
  • HD television with expanded premium channels
  • Weekly housekeeping
  • On-site parking
  • High-speed Wi-Fi and on-site laundry facilities (for an additional fee)

Select from the layout and amenity offerings that fit your budget, needs, and comfort level:

Traditional: Forego all frills with this economy suite that provides our baseline offerings, plus standard bedding and towels.
Upgraded: This suite is an updated version of the traditional suite, providing guests with newer bedding and additional bedroom and bathroom storage.
Premium: This top-tier accommodation provides upgraded versions of our standard amenities, including a fully renovated kitchen with modern countertops and cabinetry, new appliances, updated lighting, a USB charging station, our best bedding, extra-comfortable seating, a dining table, and additional bedroom and bathroom storage.

The next time you need an extended hotel stay, turn to InTown Suites for a comfortable yet affordable solution—and stay as long as you need it. We have 188 InTown locations providing three suite styles, plus 8 upgraded Uptown Suites properties ideal for business travelers or for a family on a budget. Find us in many fun and exciting cities offering inexpensive or free things to do outside of your suite.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are extended stay hotels per month?

Extended stay hotels are more affordable and comfortable than traditional hotel rooms, but can vary depending on the property brand, location, and room amenities. InTown Suites offers weekly deals and price breaks for longer rental periods, plus all rooms include amenities to make you feel at home.

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