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Valentine’s Day: Heartfelt Ways to Show you Care

Valentine’s Day: Heartfelt Ways to Show you Care

Valentine’s Day can seem like a big production. Of course, you want to show just how much you care, but sometimes life (kids, work travel, budgets etc.) can get in the way. Ever the champion for homemade, heartfelt gifts and gestures, InTown Suites has gathered a list of easy ways to say I love you and spend some quality time with your better half.

Mornings can be hectic, especially during the work week. Take a moment to enjoy your coffee, elbow-to-elbow in bed while catching up on an episode of your favorite TV show or sharing the newspaper. Not only will you feel more relaxed before the long day ahead, you’ll be able to prioritize some time just for the two of you before the work day even begins. 

Dinner duty often falls to the more kitchen savvy partner, so why not split the task and work together on a new recipe you’ve been dying to try? In addition to offering a way for the “culinary challenged” to participate, you and your significant other can chat about your day, share a glass of wine, and save some time—all while preparing a delicious meal.

Having your own hobbies is important in a relationship, but sometimes the best way to bond is over learning a new skill. Cooking or painting classes are a great way to unwind and spend some one-on-one time together. Or, if you’re more athletically inclined, try joining a yoga studio, a running group, or attempt a few rock-climbing sessions together. Finding some common ground with a shared interest will give you a reason to spend time together regularly, even when a date night seems out of reach.

You may have already shared your hopes and dreams with each other, but have you written them down? In the run of day-to-day life, we can sometimes forget to set goals and actively pursue them, especially as a couple. Try setting aside a night to make some cocktails, snack on tasty appetizers, and figure out places you want to go, things you want to see, and what you’d like to try together. Make a plan, set some dates, and start saving to make at least one or two of these goals a reality each year.

Sometimes it can be hard to verbalize the millions of reasons you love each other. When words fail, try writing it out. One of our Property Managers from our Dothan (XDA) Extended Stay shared the unique way she let her husband know just how much he means to her:

“Last year, I made my husband the 52 reasons why I love you card set. I bought a plain deck of cards, and on every card, I wrote a different reason of why I loved him. I put them back in the box and tied a ribbon around it. At first, he was confused, but once he opened and read the cards, he was almost giddy.

It was a simple and inexpensive gift, but he stills smiles about it today. Occasionally when he is feeling down he’ll ask me why I love him, I always tell him to pick a card and he can’t help but to smile.”

It can be a simple as a post-it note in your partner’s lunch or as grand as a series of handwritten love letters. Whatever way you choose to say it; all you need for a romantic Valentine’s Day is love.