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What to Expect When You Attend a Dallas Cowboys Game

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas – Fort Worth is one of the few cities in America that has a national league team in all four sports. Undoubtedly, the most popular team is the world famous Dallas Cowboys, the National Football League team. You can’t really say you’ve been to Dallas if you haven’t caught a live game. If you’re headed to your first game here’s everything you need to know to have a great time.

The Dallas Cowboys play at the AT&T Stadium (previously called Cowboys Stadium) at 1 Legends Way in Arlington, Texas, in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. The stadium, which recently opened in 2008 has a retractable roof, so you won’t have to worry about a game being rained out. The AT&T Stadium is only 4 miles away from our InTown Suites Arlington Central location, and only 5 miles away from our InTown Suites Arlington 1-20 property.


Unfortunately there is no public transit to the stadium, so unless you take a private shuttle, you will likely be driving to the game. There are plenty of parking spaces in 15 lots surrounding the football stadium, and you can pre-book your parking space before the game. Parking spaces for an NFL game cost approximately $75.

Tailgating is an important and fun part of any football game, especially ones in Texas. Tailgating can only occur in certain parking lots, so if you plan on partaking, book a parking space in one of the following lots: 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15. Please be aware that while you can bring a gas or charcoal grill, deep fryers and open flames of any kind are not permitted.


The AT&T Stadium is one of the largest football arenas in the country, and it has 80,000 seats. While you can take your chances and buy a ticket by walking up to the gates, popular matches can sell out so it’s best to buy your ticket online well before a scheduled game.

The average ticket for a Dallas Cowboys NFL game is $110. Seating is arranged in an oval around the field and the closer you are to the field the more expensive the ticket costs. If you’re looking for a low cost option, standing room tickets can sometimes be purchased for as little as $30. When booking a ticket, pay attention to which side of the stadium you’ll be on. If you’re cheering for the Cowboys, book a seat on the left, if you’ll be cheering on the visiting team, book a seat on the right side of the stadium.

For the safety of everyone attending the game, the items you bring into the game must fit in a small clutch sized purse or fit into a clear, 1 gallon sized plastic bag, so pack light when you attend the game!


While the football game is the big draw, there is lots to see and do when visiting the AT&T Stadium. The Stadium itself is very beautiful and home to many great works of art. Plan to arrive to the stadium early so you can take a guided tour. On the tour you’ll learn about the history of the Cowboys and also discover lots of behind the scenes information, like what it takes to get the world’s largest HDTV to function properly.  If it’s your first time attending a Cowboys game, head on over to one of the Guest Service Centers and ask for a “My First Cowboys Game” Certificate.

Food and drink are a large part of the Cowboys experience. You can bring alcohol to your seat, but there is a limit of 2 beers per person at a time. When you’re hungry, there are dozens of food vendors to choose from, and you’ll find everything from basics like popcorn and peanuts to more exotic fare like sushi and Frito Pie. We highly recommend trying the Kobe Nacho Dogs!

Enjoy your first Dallas Cowboys Game!