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Easy Easter Fun: Recipes, Crafts, and Activities

Easy Easter Fun: Recipes, Crafts, and Activities

Hippity, hoppity, Easter’s on its way! Birds are singing, little ones are excited, and you’ve got a busy weekend packed full of family gatherings, events, and dinners. Add to that the combination of kids, sweets, and a few days off of school—it can all easily dissolve into tantrums and meltdowns. That is if you don’t have a plan…

Lucky for you, we’ve cobbled together a list of inventive ways to pass the time, make some treats, and plan an epic Easter morning egg hunt that’ll give the kids more time to search and less time to work on that tummy ache.

There are plenty of fun ways to keep little ones entertained using common household items. Channel that Easter excitement into creating easy crafts to decorate the house with and flex everyone’s creative muscles.

Pretty Jars – Grab some pastel acrylic paints, brushes, and some old t-shirts to the decorate the outside of some basic mason jars. Use your creations to hold fresh cut flowers or fill with Easter colored jelly beans or chocolate eggs. For more ideas, click here.

Envelope Bunnies – Construction paper, pompoms, markers, and some glue are all that are needed to make these cute little treat holders. Let kids design their own bunny envelope to use as a catch-all during the Sunday mornings egg hunt.  For instructions visit here.

Foil Eggs –Cover egg-shaped cardboard cutouts with everyday aluminum foil to make the perfect background for your little one’s artistic visions. Colorful permanent markers make the best tool for decoration, so make sure you cover the table! For complete instructions click here.

Sure, there’ll be tons of chocolate come Easter morning, but should you happen to have any events to attend or company to entertain, it wouldn’t be the worst idea to have an Easter-themed snack or two on hand. These ones get bonus points for being easy and something the kids can help with.

Peep S’mores – Colorful and decadent, this campfire inspired treat puts those brightly hued marshmallow chicks to good use. Let the kids help you layer the ingredients, and have fun with the pattern, either making a rainbow or a fun design. View complete recipe and video here.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Carrots – A healthy snack disguised as…another healthy snack? Turn sweet strawberries into the Easter Bunny’s favorite treat by dipping them in melted orange colored chocolate wafers. Add extra flair with sprinkles or contrasting chocolate drizzle. See instructions here.

Edible Bird Nests – Unlikely ingredients come together to make these tasty works of art. Chow mein noodles and marshmallows make the perfect cup to hold chocolate eggs, malted chocolate candies, or jellybeans, and a great addition to your Easter dinner table. View complete instructions here.

The excitement of the Easter morning egg hunt can be a flurry of fun followed by a furious race to eat as much chocolate as possible before breakfast. Slow the morning down and avoid sore tummies by making the big search more of a game.

Trick or treat – No it’s not Halloween, but there’s no reason this saying can’t be applied. Fill a few plastic eggs with printed tags that ask your kids to do everything from jumping jacks to quacking like a duck before moving on to the next egg. Go the extra mile and cut down on sugar by filling some plastic eggs with their favorite nutritious snack. For free printed tags, click here.

Leave a trail – Add a bit more excitement and mystery to the hunt with some helpful Easter Bunny footprints. Using flour, cornstarch, or baby powder (whatever you choose), make powdery footprints to guide little ones along a trail to find eggs. Check out this blogger’s sidewalk bunny trail.

Making a list, checking it twice – Santa isn’t the only one with a list. This year make the egg hunt a little bit more interesting with a printed checklist from the Easter Bunny. Invite your kids to be more present and slow down by having them look for flowers, animals, and other fun sights in addition to eggs. For inspiration, check out this printable list here.

Whether you’re spending the holiday weekend at home, or on the road to visit family, we wish you a Happy Easter from everyone here at InTown Suite’s 189 extended stay locations across America.