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How To Celebrate Easter Safely

How To Celebrate Easter Safely

Families are excited to celebrate Easter and other holidays this spring with some sense of normalcy. Even with the positive progress the United States has made in combating the pandemic, experts are still suggesting social distancing and safety precautions.

At InTown Suites, we are excited about the upcoming Easter celebrations, but we wanted to provide some creative ways to enjoy the season safely and responsibly. Whether you celebrate Easter, Passover or Ramadan, we have created a list of ways to celebrate safely while still honoring the days and spending time with family.

Please note, state and county mandates vary. Be sure to check guidelines and travel restrictions before making any travel arrangements. Also, check the CDC website for the most up-to-date information regarding public health recommendations.

Tips For Safely Hosting An Easter Egg Hunt:A brother and sister counting eggs from their Easter egg hunt, one fun way to celebrate Easter safely.

If your children are interested in having an Easter egg hunt this year, we have a few tips to maintain a safe and responsible gathering. First, only small gatherings are deemed safe by the CDC for all individuals, vaccinated or not.

One way to have a safe Easter egg hunt with children from another household is to, first, have the event outside. Maintain a safe six-foot distance from anyone not in your household. All individuals over the age of two should wear a mask.

Next, have one parent from each household hide the eggs for their children to hunt. Hide the eggs in different areas that can easily be divided for the children taking part. Have children of the same household hunt for eggs within the same area.. This will allow for children to maintain a safe distance from those not in their household while still enjoying the company of other children.

As some families may be on a tighter budget this holiday season, consider starting a new egg decorating tradition not using fresh eggs. Look into purchasing styrofoam or plastic eggs to decorate this year. Instead of dying the eggs, you can decoupage, paint or apply stickers to the eggs. You can even create your own paper eggs. Amazon has several Easter egg decorating kits ranging in price and size.

How To Safely Serve & Enjoy An Easter Dinner:A core family having dinner at home, one way to celebrate Easter safely.

As with many holidays, the celebration of Easter, Passover and Ramadan involves a family gathering and breaking bread together. If you are planning to share a meal with family members not living in your household, here are some ways to do so safely.
First, have the event outdoors with spaced seating and wear masks when appropriate.. Next, take turns going through the food line by household. For further safety, consider having everyone wear a clean plastic glove to serve themselves or have one individual wearing a mask and gloves to serve everyone. Also, use a clean plate to enjoy second servings.

Finally, respect each other. Easter may be the first time some families have gathered since last year. It is important to respect those who still don’t feel comfortable, even after being vaccinated. Acknowledge each other’s feelings and the overall uncertainty of the situation. Everyone has the right to weigh the benefits and risks for themselves.

Remember, you can still take advantage of the many free online video platforms that are available. If you have family in another state who can’t visit this year, or family with a compromised immune system, why not share a meal over one of these free video platforms:

  • FaceTime (on Apple iPhones)
  • Google Hangouts*
  • Google Duo
  • Zoom*
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Skype
  • WhatsApp

*allows for group calls between more than two persons

Tips For Safely Attending An Easter Church Service:Attending an outdoor or online church service is a way to celebrate Easter safely.

After the initial closure of non-essential businesses last year, many churches and religious organizations began broadcasting their services online. Social media platforms gave those wanting to take part in the services a way to communicate with one another during live broadcasts as they would have in person.

Depending on what area of the country you live in, some churches have resumed in-person gatherings with safety precautions in place, but still offering an online option. If you want to be a part of an in-person Easter service this year, here are some tips to do so safely.

First, call the church or read on their website about what steps they are taking to keep individuals safe. Most have implemented spaced seating, mask mandates and hand sanitizing stations. Arrive early for the service to be sure you have time to be seated.

Next, see if any churches in your area are offering an outdoor sunrise service. This is a great way to safely attend a service in person.

Finally, plan a small, “live” service at your house. If families are interested in attending an Easter service together but not everyone feels safe going in person, consider planning an event at your home. Set up chairs outside in groups for each household. Run an internet cable to your smart TV or laptop that you have set up outside. External speakers are a simple addition to your setup and will help with everyone being able to hear the message.

More Ways To Celebrate Easter Safely:Mom, grandma and kids decorating Easter eggs at home, celebrating Easter safely.

  • Decorate. There are many DIY Easter decorations you can create to bring the Easter celebration to your home. You can decorate different types of Easter eggs, create your own bunny garland or design an Easter-themed centerpiece for your table. Your kids can even color and decorate personalized placemats for everyone.
  • Spend quality time creating Easter crafts. Beyond the decorations mentioned above, there are loads of cute DIY crafts you and your kids can do at home with most of the supplies found around your house. Easily make a foam cup bunny using a styrofoam cup, craft foam sheets and googly eyes. Kids will love making their own sock bunny with a small sock, rice, and ribbons. This recycled paper basket is not only good for the environment but also fun and easy to make.
  • Make and send Easter cards to friends and family. A homemade Easter card is guaranteed to brighten the day of anyone receiving it, especially grandparents. You can find lots of free printable Easter cards online, or you can make your own from scratch. Either way, this is a great way to share our love with those we can’t see in person this Easter holiday.

InTown Suites is grateful to help you celebrate another Easter holiday with your family. Even if we are celebrating Easter at home for another year, let’s take time to be grateful for our family and friends and everyone’s health.

If you find yourself in an essential travel situation during this Easter season, allow InTown Suites to be your home away from home. Our suites are fully furnished with in-room kitchens, and all of our properties have high-speed internet available and on-site laundry facilities. We also have no credit check and no down payments. Many of our properties now offer Premium suites with fully renovated interiors and upgraded amenities.

InTown Suites wishes everyone a happy and safe Easter in 2021!

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