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Tips for Securing Natural Disaster Housing

Tips for Securing Natural Disaster Housing

Know where to find natural disaster housing so you’re prepared with a safe place to stay during mandatory evacuations before or after a storm. Hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, and other natural disasters are unpredictable. Stay ready for any event by keeping shelter options in mind. You might find refuge in temporary shelters set up by FEMA or move in with friends or family when evacuation orders are in place. If those solutions aren’t available, find a city with an InTown Suites extended stay hotel to escape storms or fires in comfort.

Find Housing Options Outside of Evacuation Zones

Planning where you will go before the emergency is an essential first step to leaving your home quickly and safely during a severe weather event. Know which evacuation zone your home is in and which are likely to be affected to find housing out of harm’s way. If you don’t have family to stay with, one of the safest and most economical places to evacuate is to an extended stay hotel, such as InTown Suites; thanks to our 196 locations, you’re certain to find natural disaster housing options removed from the path of the storm. Bookmark InTown’s online reservation page on your computer or phone to quickly reserve your suite online. Our Best Rate Guarantee means you won’t need to postpone getting your family somewhere safe while you price-compare or search for coupons. When you’re in a stressful emergency situation, the last thing you should have to worry about is the cost of safety. The price we offer on our website will be the lowest you’ll find online for that property, and if it isn’t, we’ll happily match it.

Get Temporary Housing Approved

If you’re hoping for housing reimbursement from your home insurance company, it is recommended to have your temporary housing approved before you sign a contract. Thankfully, InTown Suites doesn’t require a lease to move in, so you won’t be locked into something long-term that you can’t afford if your insurance doesn’t cover it. Move in temporarily and extend your stay online as long as you need once your housing is approved. This lease-free living arrangement gives you the freedom to pack up and leave at the end of your reservation, hassle-free, returning home once the repairs or rebuilding is complete.

Be Prepared for Evacuations Early

Understanding the difference between a severe weather watch (a good chance of extreme conditions) and a warning (the event is occurring or about to begin) can provide an estimate of when you need to evacuate. When you need to evacuate, staying at InTown Suites is a smart choice because reservations are booked by the week or longer so you can arrive before the storm hits and stay as long as you need afterward without switching hotels or leasing an apartment.

Secure your suite as soon as the weather report gives you a timeline, and change your reservation online if you need. Or, take advantage of our affordable weekly and monthly rates and leave town early to avoid the traffic from last-minute mass evacuations. The included Wi-Fi and premium cable in your suite let you keep an eye on the storm back home from a safe distance.

Look for Extended Stay Hotels for Temporary Housing

Temporary housing for a family affected by a hurricane or wildfire can evolve into a long-term need when waiting for repairs or rebuilding. InTown Suites offers apartment-style suites with ample storage so you can move in the essentials you packed and feel comfortable for the length of your stay. The suite amenities make your stay as comfortable as possible. Plus, all our extended stay hotels are conveniently located near grocery and necessity stores stocked with food, cookware, toiletries, prescriptions, and other essentials you didn’t have time to pack.

Upgrade to our renovated Premium Suites to feel even more at home in a fully renovated space with a new kitchen and appliances, more storage, updated bedding, plus comfortable seating and new furnishings. Any suite you choose will offer the essentials you need, whether you’re staying a week or a month, including:

  • In-room kitchen (full-size refrigerator, microwave, and two-burner stovetop)
  • Large HDTVs with expanded channel lineup
  • Fast Wi-Fi
  • Weekly housekeeping
  • On-site guest laundry facility

When you need temporary housing after a natural disaster, find InTown Suites in convenient metro locations. We’re happy to provide shelter and peace of mind for our guests during these stressful times. Our flexible payment terms and affordable rates leave you with less to worry about. If you need a pet-friendly extended stay hotel, find an Uptown Suites near your evacuation location to enjoy convenient, comfortable accommodations with your pup at your side.

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