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Laundry Services at Extended Stay Hotels

Laundry Services at Extended Stay Hotels

InTown Suites Extended Stay laundry facilities are just another way these properties make weekly or monthly stays convenient and comfortable. While our returning guests know what to expect when staying at InTown Suites, like the in-room kitchen, Wi-Fi, and a large HDTV, new guests are pleasantly surprised by the features of our properties, including our extended stay laundry facilities. Whether you’re traveling for business or vacation, on-site laundry is a perk you shouldn’t overlook.

The Benefits of an Extended Stay With On-Site Laundry

When you’re relocating for work or medical reasons, the last detail you want to think about is where to find the local laundromat. Extended stay hotels with laundry facilities take the worry out of packing because you know you’ll have reliable washers and dryers right on site. For any family sharing a vehicle or for those traveling without one, selecting an extended stay hotel with a laundry facility relieves a lot of burden.

Laundry is an excellent reason to stay at InTown Suites on vacation, because you can save money on baggage fees by packing light and doing a quick wash during your stay. For parents of messy eaters or active kids, having access to laundry means spills and dirt won’t set in. Any couple or solo traveler who selects an extended stay hotel for a week-long getaway in a new city won’t need to spend time commuting to a laundromat instead of sightseeing.

Extended Stay Laundry vs. Apartment Laundry

Laundry is an amenity you’ll find at every InTown Suites extended stay location across the country. This assurance isn’t one you’ll find everywhere when looking for short-term housing. Most apartments consider amenities to be “extras” and oftentimes skip on these optional provisions to save money or space.

Extended stay laundry facilities are better than apartment laundry rooms because accommodations like InTown Suites make this amenity a priority. Larger apartment buildings with many vacancies to fill may include on-site laundry to draw in occupants, but these sprawling properties tuck the facilities where it is convenient for the building layout, not where it is most accessible. When laundry day means hauling clothing and bedding to a separate building in an oversized complex, the novelty of having on-site machines wears off quickly. Accessing InTown Suites’ extended stay laundry room won’t require reading a property map or hauling your belongings across a city block.

Laundry at Motels vs. Extended Stay Hotels

Many motels aren’t geared toward the needs of long-term guests, but extended stay hotels are designed specifically with them in mind. When you choose an extended stay property you won’t need to sacrifice suite amenities, like an in-room kitchen, high-speed Wi-Fi, or premium TV channels to still enjoy access to an on-site laundry. Staying at a motel means you’ll be driving or using a rideshare service to haul your clothing to the nearest laundromat on wash day.

When you’re heading out of town for a week or longer, choose InTown Suites extended stay hotel over an apartment or motel to enjoy on-site laundry, bundled utilities, and no lease or credit check, all in one easy weekly or monthly payment.

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