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How To Make an Extended Stay Hotel Feel Like Home

How To Make an Extended Stay Hotel Feel Like Home

Move in and feel at ease at any InTown Suites extended stay hotel. With the right room selection and a few simple adjustments, you’ll feel at home in no time. Whether a relocation, an emergency, or another circumstance leads you to choose an extended stay hotel for temporary housing, these apartment-style suites are comfortable and affordable places to live. With a few enhancements, you can make your hotel suite feel like home for weeks, months, or longer.

Select the Right Hotel Suite for Your Home

Don’t expect just any hotel room to offer the comforts of home. Make a long hotel stay better by choosing an extended stay property for your temporary housing. InTown Suites offers efficiency-style living spaces with cozy beds, homelike furniture, and in-room kitchens, plus on-site laundry. The storage space in our suites is unmatched compared to what you’ll find in most standard hotels, so you can truly move in. Select a Premium Suite to get a head start on comfort. Each of these rooms has been renovated from top to bottom with an all-new kitchen and furniture, improved storage, and our best bedding.

Cook Favorite Meals in Your Suite

Since InTown’s guest suites are equipped with a stovetop, microwave, and a full-size refrigerator, you can enjoy comforting meals prepared right in your suite. Not only does eating in help save money, but the aroma of home cooking and the taste of familiar foods create a homey environment. Check the local deli counters and frozen food aisles for heat-and-eat meals you can easily prepare in your suite.

Stick to Your At-Home Routines

Just because your living situation is temporary doesn’t mean your sleep habits, healthy eating, and daily routines can’t stay on track. Your extended stay hotel suite features practical amenities for enjoyable days and nights, just like at home. The bathroom offers plenty of space for all your necessities so you can get ready for your day in the morning and prepare for bed with ease. Cook healthy meals in your in-room kitchen rather than grabbing fast food, and unwind with an evening cup of tea watching your favorite show. The suite’s seating makes downtime a breeze, and the comfortable mattress and updated bedding are perfect for a restful sleep.

Become Active in the Neighborhood

Committing to your new city and living situation can help you feel settled and at home. Introduce yourself to InTown staff and explore your new neighborhood. Our properties are in metro areas with all the services and retail stores you’re used to nearby. InTown provides convenient laundry on-site, but signing up for rewards cards and memberships for other establishments like grocery stores, a gym, and the library during your temporary stay will help you feel like a member of your new community.

Make Your Hotel Suite as Comfy as Home

An appealing hotel suite is easier to see yourself living in than a space that’s lacking personal touches. InTown Suite’s furniture and storage cover the basics for your stay, but filling in the details with your personal effects will make your suite even better. Carefully balance what to bring and what to store for an extended stay to avoid cluttering your temporary home. Fashioning a hotel suite that’s less like a room and more like home will help you feel more settled.

Unpack and Organize Your Space

Nothing says temporary like living out of a suitcase. To feel more at home, stash your luggage and completely move in your belongings. Placing your necessities and personal items on shelves and in drawers makes a hotel suite feel familiar and lived in, much like a house. Unpacking and organizing your things also has a calming effect, and keeping a clean and orderly room gives your suite a spacious and airy feel. When your essentials are organized, you can focus on what’s important rather than searching for misplaced keys or charging cords.

Whether it is your first time living solo or you’ve made a big move to a new city with your family in tow, you’ll be happy you chose InTown Suites for your short-term housing. Our extended stay properties in popular metro areas are convenient for any long stay. Thanks to furnished suites, hassle-free reservations, and online renewals, our guests are glad to call InTown home.

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